Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Good Long Day

For those of you that know me, you know I am the farthest thing from a morning person there is! Today, I got up early to meet a friend and her kids at a park near downtown. We both made it by 11:00 a.m.! (though we had planned it for 10:30) Impressive, wouldn't you say? ;) And our kids found that though it had been a few years since they'd actually played together, they do have a couple things in common; today it was waterspray fun at the park, next time there will be light sabering and Star Wars Trivial Pursuit! Cool, huh? :)

Afterwards, we met up with more friends. The kids traded Pokemon cards and played video games. We got a new e-bay order of cards in yesterday and I surely do wish my kids understood the value of a card better than they do! I really don't know how they decide which cards are keepers and traders, but it doesn't seem to make any kind of sense to me. Or maybe it's me that needs to understand the real value of the card? I think I was really getting in their way today, so I apologized and promised them I would back off. This is partly a control issue, and partly a frugal issue. If I've been told Charizard is a rare card to have and one of my kids gets one, I don't want them to lose it! A. It's worth good money, B. It's good to have in your deck for battles. C. I want it! LOL. So, I am making my own deck now and hope to get my own Charizard card. How do you let go of things like this? I just don't know. Of ALL the things to concern myself with, heheheh!

It was a good day after all. I feel successful at getting my kids involved in making friends outside of their typical comfort zone. I think that's an important skill to have, for life in general, and to prepare ourselves for leaving these friends behind. We expect to be moving in less than a year, closer to the coast for my husband's job. And that's a whole 'nother blog post!

After our second "play date" of the day, there were still actually friends out at our regularly scheduled playgroup park, so we joined them and played even more! More Pokemon trading and battles, swinging and sliding and of course Mom time for me! We didn't get home til after 8! You'd think at least Evan would've been asleep in the car, but no success there. Which I suppose is good, since he was able to come in and have a much needed bath!

And after all that, please pat me on the back, I did a load of dishes, had my kids complete their chores, got a load of laundry washed and dried (note to husband: don't bug me about getting it folded, at least it's clean!) got kids fed and two of them into bed. My middle child is not even tired, though he certainly should be! He is downstairs playing guitars with my husband, in between rearranging his Pokemon cards. Wears me out just thinking about all the energy he uses hourly, nevermind daily! And on very little food too!

Big day planned for tomorrow too! There's a 4th party planned at a friends house and the kids and their friends have informed me that I must bring my Pokemon cards in order to trade with them and get a good deck going. We shall see how that goes! Good think I'm not the only Poke-Mama involved in this stuff!

Good night faithful readers and friends.



Beth said...

Hey girl! Good for you! Up early and out all day! I'd be exhausted! Matthew is big into trading his pokemon cards as well, except i have no freaking clue which ones are worth anything! LOL Hope you guys enjoyed your day!

Jenny said...

We had a great time with you guys! Check out my blog for the scrapbook page to commemorate your early playdate. :)