Monday, July 2, 2007

Yarn Work and Blessings :)

Hello. There hasn't been much of anything new to write about. We did find out that Kelly and Jason's baby is a boy! He is due in November and will be named Andrew Jason Dean. I am more than halfway finished with the very BLUE blanket I am knitting for him. :) And there's my other reason for not writing lately! I've been a yarn fool for the past weel or so. I've made 2 new washcloths (crochet) and a one of a kind, meant to be a Bath Mitt, but could be an anything bag! It's really neat! I just knit up a regular waschloth, but made it bigger. Then I crocheted the edge and bottom together. I pulled a crocheted braid through the top, and Voila! I have a cinch-close bag. It works as a wine bag, my husband says it'd made a great weed bag (you know, for picking weeds out of the garden! silly!), and it is reversible! One side is nubby and the other is flat. I am thinking since this one is 100% cotton and was intended as a bath mitt, it shall be one. I will try other fabrics for wine totes and such....

And since the electric bill was GINORMOUS this month, I may be trying to sell some of my work on I can't believe I've been hot, and my electric bill is still, even higher than it was last year at this time! Argh. :(

In less than a week, my BABY will be three years old! Yikes. I remember the night he was born like it was yesterday. And the morning after, how much in love with him Philip was and how Tyler was so shocked, and even in the first pictures he looks like a deer caught in the headlights! We all have come such a long way! Having a third child was at first, quite unbalancing. And just to let you know, I was just beginning to feel some kind of balance in handling the first two! I'm think I'm almost there again! And Evan has brought so much to this family, with his bright smile and ability to get along with anyone anywhere. Even as a baby he would willingly be passed from person to person. Tyler was a real Daddy's boy, in the beginning he wouldn't even go to sleep at night 'till Daddy came home to rock him down. And Philip was attached to me like white on rice, ask anyone around in those days! :) Evan has been pretty easy and wonderful! It's neat to see Evan trying to be one of the big kids, and then see the big ones get down and play on his level. I really love my family. I am so blessed and I promise you I know it!

And on that note, I will say good night. I have a play date in the MORNING! You know Tracee loves you if..... hehe!

Love, Me

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