Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The Knitted Sock Saga

I went to playgroup today and asked my friend and fellow knitter to see what she could do about my poor, neglected and falling apart sock. I put it out to her as a challenge, like it was going to be completely and utterly difficult, if not impossible. Well, I certainly couldn't have done it! I was sure if I took the sock to the knitting store it would end with the nice old ladies quietly consoling me, while I sobbingly ripped out the rest of the almost perfect sock because of my dropped rows. I was sure too, that no "lay" knitter, *just* a friend and fellow knitter, (as opposed to one that is old and works in a yarn store, knitting all day w/out kids climbing on them, hehe!) would possibly know how to repair this sad mess. Well, I must say, I am quite impressed! With myself and my friend, Lesley. She sat right up, jumped right into the challenge, and within what seemed like seconds, completely repaired my beautiful sock! I'm impressed with me for actually handing over my very overprotected, albeit verbally abused, sock to someone who's talents I was not fully knowledgeable of, after all! Thank you Lesley! Now I can get back on track, relapse into ignoring my kids for hours in order to finish this almost completed and most perfect sock and begin on it's anxiously awaited match.
And aren't I hilarious? Tell me how much you love the way I write! Why haven't I tried to tickle the whole world with my wondrous humor yet, by trying to publish myself??? Oh yeah, that's right, that's what my Blog is for! And aren't you lucky you get to read it whenever you want, for free, no loyalties to the author! Ah hem, donations accepted at any time. ;)
Enjoy the rest of your week, especially if you are living in a cooler and less gnat-filled climate than me!

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Jenny said...

Lots of heat and gnats here at my house. And flies too. ;)

WTG on the sock, I can't wait to see it!