Monday, August 13, 2007

Smart, Hardworking Kids!

Well, today has been quite nice. I got some school accomplished with both the big guys and some books read to the littlest one. I found this entirely free online and printable math curriculum, including teachers guide, etc.! So, of course, that is what we are going to use this year, on our frugal budget! Here's a link: Centre for Innovation in Mathematics Teaching - MEP(Primary). I haven't figured out exactly the best way to use it yet, but I'm learning as I go. Tyler is really enjoying First Grade and the time he gets to spend with me reading to him and going over the lessons. I am loving it too! Philip is still a willing student, but is more grouchy than ever if it interrupts his time with his friends. He is such an incredible reader these days, coming up to the computer to read Star Wars stories on his own! I can totally attribute that to his obsession with Pokemon trading cards: because he had to learn to read in order to figure out how to play and which cards were good for him or not. It is great! Here is one of the things I am doing to "teach" Tyler to read: A High Frequency Word Game Word Game for Beginning Readers - Printable And the fruits of my hard labor in teaching my kids to express their feelings are really showing up strongly in Evan! Today he yelled out that he didn't like me anymore. I said really? You don't like me? He then says, Well I like you a little bit, but I want you to put that crochet down. And I said, and then what do you want to do? I want you to play with me he says. Isn't that awesome from a 3 year old???? OK, here he is, ready for bed time. I'll write more later!
Later: I have been forgetting to write about my adventure in sock knitting. Well, I have made it, with very few mistakes, none that are too noticeable or a risk factor to the unraveling of the sock, hehe, to the arch of my foot! I am totally impressed with myself and thankful to everyone who's helped me get this far! I can't wait to finish, make the second one and actually have a whole pair to wear! Hopefully I'll still have it in me to make a pair for Ed! ;)

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Jenny said...

Oh I thought the pair you were making now WERE for Ed! LOL