Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Things I Haven't Written About

There are sooooo many! We've been on 3 field trips, to a Dave Matthews concert, etc., etc., my husband has been out of town for almost 9 days and will be home tomorrow! Maybe then I'll have time to catch up. Tyler was well that very afternoon, it was the quickest "virus" that ever hit any of us! Someone mentioned food poisoning, but I can't imagine what from. Probably what it was though, since none of the rest of us got sick. I'm battling a sore throat/runny nose thing right now, but besides that we're all happy, and healthy and well and VERY ready for our Daddy to come home!! Even the dog went nuts when she heard Ed say "walk" on the phone tonight. She wasn't eating until she got to hear his voice. Then we went outside and played for a little while and finally she ate. Phew. I didn't know she loved him that much, I was quite touched. I'll have some time this week to finally catch up. 'Till then, goodnight!


Jenny said...

I've missed reading your blog, but I bet things were hectic with Ed being out of town. Glad the doggie is eating again!!

Jenny said...

Dude, it's been a week, where are you? ;)