Saturday, November 10, 2007

Impressive and SO Busy!

I am just impressing myself to laughing giddiness these days! I am making a longie,, for a friend's baby and it is just turning out fabulously! If you go near the bottom of the linked page, you will see a typical longie, though that is not the pattern I am working with. Once again, I beg, someone, please send me a digital camera!! ;) Don't worry if you don't know what I'm talking about, but when I got to the "rise" of the longie, I was just so excited that it was actually turning out looking exactly as a diaper cover should! I just love it when things turn out the way they look in the picture! And the best part is, I've been paid a nice amount to make these diaper cover pants and it feels really good to be paid for my talents. I'm also working on a few crochet market bags for another friend to fill and give as Christmas gifts. Money, money, money! I have Ed's socks a little more than a quarter of the way finished and lots more plans for gifts for the holidays! So, the by the tone, you'd think I could be having nothing less than an extraordinary week now, huh? WRONG! I am SO incredibly crabby and due to all the knitting and crocheting, even though it's making a little extra money, nothing else is getting itself done! And my kids are just absolutely nutty lately. Last weekend the two elders spent the night with friends and only got 3 hours of sleep. I don't think they've caught up yet! My husband is out of town again, while we anxiously await news of whether or not he will be promoted, thus transferred to the new store. (keep your fingers crossed for him please, as he has been hoping for this since he started with the company 5 years ago!) School is going OK around here, except for the unending groaning when I announce it is time to get started on school. Once we get things going, everyone is fine. It's just getting us all around the kitchen table with sharpened pencils and curricula appropriately prepared. Ugh! This week in our co-op, all in one day, the kids "churned"
Butter, (We're reading Little House in the Big Woods for Literature), made a very small replica of the Nile River, (hm, can you guess where we are with Ancient History ??) including some "crops" on either side of it, made and ate some of a cake made to replicate the coast line, (for Science we're doing Ecology of Earth's Oceans) got worms and fruit rinds added to their verma-compost bins, (this is our year long Science project) and then started on a new course for Art! This is by far the best school year we've had, at home and at the co-op. It is so awesome to share the big projects with more than just my boys. I am really enjoying teaching the other kids and learning from the other Mom's. I am going to miss everyone here terribly if we do get to transfer. I am enjoying it to the fullest for now though!
Well, I am considerably perked up from bragging about all the wonderful things the kids and I are doing! Woohoo! And, we have been initiated into the world of Welcome to Webkinz® - a Ganz website. Tyler has a rabbit he named Bunny and Philip got a gorilla he named Strongo. Tyler is having the best time decorating Bunny's room and buying him clothes and shoes, hehe!!! (please keep whatever politically incorrect ideas this brings to your head to yourself! LOL) They are still obsessed with Star Wars and Pokemon too. We stay busy. Busy but happy, even when I'm crabby and desperately needing a break from these wonderful kids! Eddie come home soon!


jendanellenarianna said...

congrats on the knitting. i saw your little diaper cover and it does look great. super job on the blog too:) keep it up! Jen

Jenny said...

The diaper cover is adorable! About the Webkinz...LOL...every single boy in Claire's class is as into Webkinz as the girls are. ;)