Friday, February 15, 2008

Low Country Resident

Today I found my way, and it was very short too, to the local Publix. I bought our first groceries for our brand new beautiful home. BUT, that wasn't until the movers were two stinking hours late bringing my truck of stuff to the house! I, me, this girl who absolultely adores sleep, got up at a little after 7 and left the hotel and got to my house and had to wait from 8 o'clock, which is what time they said they'd be there, 'till 10 o'clock! It was my job to supervise the unloading of the stuff, while Ed took the kids, the dog and the cat. They really did a quick job, and were good too, and best of all, they were a pile of jokers! I had a lot of fun telling them where to put things and having them rearrange things if I didn't like it, and checking off the number corresonding to the red stickers on each box as it came off the truck.
Tyler and I are on a couple of computers in a hotel, for just one more night. I have to sign off for now cause he's ready to go back to the room. Funny, the kids are almost as excited about being in a hotel as they are abou the new house!!!

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Jenny said...

My kids love hotels, too...especially Henry, who talks about hotels on an almost daily basis. ;)

So exciting that you're moved in now, I'm looking forward to some photos of your new house with your things in it.