Saturday, March 8, 2008

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This is from a couple weeks ago, before we had Internet access! I will update more later....

Feb. 18, 2008
Here I am in my beautiful new home! It's been 2 nights, 3 days now. I just have to reiterate how much I LOVE MY KITCHEN! I found all my old recipes I used to make, and some I haven't ever made. All of them, plus my cook books, fit into two of my large drawers in the kitchen! I made a grocery list, based on those recipes! and went shopping at Wal-Mart and Publix tonight. Just to offset the terrible-ness of shopping at La Casa de el diablo, I did bring my own bags, one I made, one from Publix, and a bunch of old plastic bags. Amazingly, the cashier was happy to use said bags and even told me more people are asking to go bagless or with their own. Awesome! I also stuck to my guns and bought as much organic stuff as I could find there, and at Publix. Yay me! This was also quite a feat since I was having to juggle three sugared up on girl scout cookies kids (have you read the new Skirt (or was it a local paper??) newspaper with the article that says it's a myth that sugar hypes kids up? heheheahahahah!) I am still a little stressed in general, as I don't do well with boxes piled up all over the place. All the every day stuff is unpacked and put away, the laundry included thanks so much to my awesome husband! The main boxes are from my "craft" AKA, Crap closet, LOL, and then miscellaneous things the movers just threw into different boxes as they were getting tired I guess. For instance, in the kitchen I found EACH and EVERY single bottled spice individually wrapped and perfectly settled into it's own space in one gigantic box. In that same box, I found an individually wrapped Emperor (bad dude from Star Wars.) By the time I got to the play room boxes, I was finding piles of miscellaneous toys all wrapped up together, and falling out on me! The kids seem to be adjusting well, settling in, with just a bit more screaming and hassling each other over the video games than usual. Philip seems to be a little less likely to give in to his younger, whiny, brothers and is on the verge of tears more often than usual, which is to say about once a day rather than once a week or so. All par for the course, I'm sure. We had planned to scout out our local library today, but of course it's President's Day. No mail going out, no libraries opened. And no cable here yet! Ack! Comcast told me they'd have my property surveyed and in their system by the end of the week. I almost flew out of bed, where I was staring at my beautiful cathedral style ceiling, and jumped into the phone. How can they wait that long when I am begging them to take my money and get me all hooked up?? I am not too sure how I would fare w/out technology.
Did I mention my two-tiered lazy suzie in my caddy corner cabinet? Oh my gosh, my kitchen is THE BOMB! ROFL. All of my small appliances fit into cabinets, and the counter space is awesome! I had to call someone tonight as I was bringing in the groceries just to brag that I have enough space to fit them all!!
We've taken the "trek" to our local park, all of two minutes walking distance from our home and hung out for a while yesterday. Today we walked/scootered/biked the dog around the block. Allie and Suzie (the cat) are also settling in well. I cannot hear Allie as well when she is barking in the backyard, I have yet to figure out why and I'm not taking too much advantage of this wondrous luxury, but it is quite a lovely thing! Hehe

So, tomorrow we will find the library and perhaps head out for a walk on the beach too, as I have yet to go since we've been here! Ed took the kids and the dog one windy day last week, Friday I think, and had quite a time keeping up with the dog, the 3 year old who insisted on taking a dip, and the big kids who were what seemed to be miles away
! I think I'll do fine w/out Allie, LOL!

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