Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Mother's Day Update

SO, the boys weren't really involved in the gift giving or making this year, but that's ok. My husband did a fantastic job w/out their help. Hehe. I did hear Tyler calling Ed a few times the night before and later found out that he wanted Ed to buy my favorite flowers for me, but they were not available anymore. (Tulips) Sweet kid! I wound up getting quite a pile of stuff! First, he gave me a much needed and time saving vegetable chopper. We have really crappy knives and I have always been a disaster with sharp objects. I have worked at more than 2 of the famous sub shops and literally sliced a finger more than once! Besides that, I don't ever choose the proper knife for the job, and try as I might, I just can't get a rhythm going and have things turn out nice and pretty. So, it's much safer with a chopper, at least once the thing has been put together properly. And more convenient. I also received a long awaited garlic press. I've wibble-wobbled about getting one for years, since whenver I've been cleaning up with friends or family who have one, I notice that it's not too easy to clean. No more wibbly wobbling, I'll be using it now that I have it! And, weirdly enough, a meat tenderizer. I will read between the lines here and choose one of the following to believe: 1)this is a hint that my husband would like his chicken tenderized a bit more or 2.) since I'm not too interested in prepping meat in any fashion, save for the rinsing it and patting it dry, this must really be for him. Hehe. And that's ok, because he also filled the gift bag with the two most important parts: a card and chocolate! Yum! Thank you sweetie, you're off the hook 'till July! (our anniversary for those that don't know). G'night. :)

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