Saturday, August 16, 2008

Pictures of Our Recent Adventures

Evan casting on the bars. He's really pretty good.

Tyler posing for me during gymnastics. I think I was really getting on the coaches nerves!

It's fast food on the road. Doesn't he make it look like the coolest thing in the world? hehe

One of the planes we saw land from the control tower.

The easy button they couldn't get enough of.

Ty took this picture of a map somewhere in the building.

I love the smell of the sheets and blankets after they've dried on the line in the sun. Ahhh. (also, this is proof to anyone who doubted me, that I actually do the laundry and clean my house on occasion. hehe)

They're not hugging; they each took turns picking up the other.

Hanging out at Moe's after a day at the park. Good times baby! I love seeing the kids with their long time friends again.

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