Wednesday, November 5, 2008


The boys and I stood in line for 4 hours today to cast my ballot for President. I didn't complain for one second of that time. I was, by far, the most enthusiastic voter in the whole place. And that should say a lot, considering the length of the line! Not knowing the outcome of the votes, tears threatening to stream down my cheeks, I let out a nice, loud, WOOT!! as I pressed "confirm vote" on my touch screen. I knew my voice would be counted. I knew no matter what the outcome would be, that my vote would count. I learned 8 years ago what it means to be on the losing end of a Presidential election. I learned what happens when we take for granted that someone else will speak up even if we don't. In that time I have learned to write letters to my representatives and to speak out about my beliefs in politics. I have learned that mistakes will be made on both sides. Most of all I have learned that I do love this Country and all that it stands for, most especially our Freedom.

Thank you to all the men and women who came before me; thank you for paving the way for me to have the right to vote. For me to have the freedom to choose to stay at home with my children or join the work force. Thank you for your determination and for your sacrifices. Thank you for fighting for and standing for and believing in freedom; then and now. Thank you for rising above color and cultural divides. Or, for not rising above that and voting the way you did because of that! Thank you to each and every one of you that stood in those lines beside me and across this Nation to vote. Thank you for voting your conscience, thank you for voting your logic. Thank you for voting for McCain and thank you for voting for Obama. Without every single voice on both sides, the true voice of the people would not have been heard. Tonight we were heard. We were heard in higher numbers and in more clarity than we have ever been heard before. (in my time) Tonight and forever more I am Proud to be an American. I feel more secure and more free this early morning than I have in more than six years. Thank you friends and family and strangers, thank you!
If I hadn't already stopped taking my pharmaceutical anti-depressants, tonight would certainly be the night to do so!! Love & Hugs and Hope to All!! ~Tracee

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