Saturday, April 11, 2009

Is the Magic Over?

A sarcastic, yet playful, thank you from me to whomever is responsible for ending my fun as the easter bunny, tooth fairy, etc., etc. ;) I didn't realize it would be over before my youngest could finish being awe-inspired by these funny little tales we've passed down from generation to generation. I am so naive that I thought part of the joy of homeschooling was that they could believe in the little things, like magic, for a bit longer than most kids. I didn't realize that being homeschooled would mean they'd be too smart for such things by the age of 4-1/2, LOL! I was having a bit of anxiety today about how in the world to get my easter stuff ready for my kids. Husband's working, I'm a procrastinator, you know the drill. Philip has known for some time that it's a fun game we play, santa and the easter bunny, all that. But i thought for sure the little's still believed. So, out of earshot of the littles, I say to Philip, just to make sure, "are you excited about the easter bunny?" and he says "whatever mom. I think the easter bunny is you." I say, "good, cause I need your help getting stuff together for the little kids!" hehe. That was the fun part. Then, Philip asks the little kids if they are excited about easter. BOTH of them say, "yeah, but I know it's mom. So and so's mom is their easter bunny and so is so and so's mom." Why did you have to raise such smart children, huh? And why do mine have to be so smart also? So, any suggestions on how to have fun with such a fun day now that they know it's me?? With Philip, I have just continued to pretend and playfully explained that if he doesn't believe in magic, then magic can't happen. I think I'll do that with the littles also. Keep the game going, knowing they no longer believe. Maybe I'll start getting some credit around here for good things showing up in the middle of the night. LOL!! Does anyone out there still have kids that believe in the easter bunny or santa, etc?


Julia said...

No, mine don't believe literally, but they enjoy the game. Or in Andrew's case, he enjoy's the tooth fairy's cash. LOL!

Anonymous said...

Mine all believe, including Kevin. Next year is it though. Won't let him go to jr high believing. :)