Monday, June 21, 2010

Good Morning!

Up early today to take my littles to the dentist. I am working on psyching myself up for dealing with the possible "talking-to" I may get for how one of my kid's teeth look. This particular child shows up as allergic to fluoride on his ALCAT tests, so we tried going w/out fluoride; he doesn't like the taste of any of the natural toothpastes, so he does use fluoride. He flosses, he brushes, just not as often as he could to avoid plaque build up, which is what I'm afraid of hearing about, never mind having to comfort this child through the scraping of the plaque. ACK! He has had a cavity filled before, he knows how uncomfortable it is, but still forgets, over time, and ends up resisting tooth brushing. I am letting it go. :)

Philip returned from a 3 day/3 night visit with family friends in Newberry last night. He went to Carowinds with them on Sunday, yet the most excitement came from him while he was telling me all about walking downtown with Jake & Toby, unsupervised, to go to the Pizza Parlor. They ordered their own food, ate & then went next door for rootbeer floats. I think he definitely needs more of that freedom, but I'm not sure how to offer it to him while we live in a place that is not quite as small as downtown Newberry & with nothing like the place he went within 4 miles of our home. It will work itself out. :)

We've been having lots of visits to Charleston this summer, even though it is only officially Summer today. We're all very much enjoying having visitors and taking them out to the local beaches & other sites! We recently bought a pass to the SC Aquarium, so we are set up for fully entertaining, even on rainy or too-hot days. Life is good.

The littles decided they'd like to spend their saved money on some new Wii games yesterday. They were up till midnight playing Mario Galaxy, Madden 10 & Lego Indiana Jones. Then they asked if they could set an alarm for 3am. WHAT? LOL. We ended up not using an alarm at all & they were still up by 8. They definitely know how to live in their joy!

Ed has been working like crazy, but also making sure to fish, kayak and beach it whenever he can. The Charleston move was a very good one for him, & the rest of us too.

I've been watching tons of movies since we got Netflix. I LOVE it! I am feeling pretty well recovered from surgery, so it's easier to keep up with the house and with the kids on summer break, I am totally letting them burn their energy however they want to, which is mostly on Wii games. Which equals me getting lots of time to read and movie-watch. I have wasted a couple hours on a Fern Michaels book; I am having a hard time finishing it because the writing is so, I hate this word, but, Lame. It is terribly written! The plot is interesting, but it is obvious this chic is writing far from home, with the exception of the character of Winston, the dog. She obviously knows her dogs, but that's it. I just want to know what happens, so I'm trudging through anyway.

Well, I'm off to write my list of things I need to purchase today...I've been wanting an avocado for several days & keep forgetting to get one, haha. So, dentist, avocado shopping, & then whatever we want to do!

Thanks for reading, feel free to comment, I thrive on comments!! Hehe.

Love, Me


Jenny said...

Hey, we were at Carowinds yesterday, too!

It sounds like your location suits you and your family so well.

Hannah said...

Your wish is my command. :-)

I just finished a book called Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet -- recommended. Also started The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins because it seems to be recommended everywhere I turn! I know what you mean, it's very hard to plow through something poorly written.

We had the dentist visits today too. Nothing like a trip to the dentist to make a parent nervous! Hope yours turned out all right. When the hygienist went to count Caroline's teeth he asked her if she knew how many teeth she had and she answered, "All of them!" :-)

Keep enjoying your summer!