Thursday, July 12, 2007

Evan's Birthday Presents

My 3 year old is enjoying all of his birthday presents quite a lot. We just finished putting his Thomas train track together. It is an automatic, battery operated track. It is quite monotonous and boring for me to watch, now. But in the beginning it was neat, and Tyler and Evan are still playing. They have just figured out that they can press buttons to make Percy go back and collect the rest of his coal that he doesn't get on the first try, and then you can also press Terrence's button to make him re-load the coal that he drops. They've also been building lots of castles with the new wooden blocks. Those are the hits so far, along with a little pull-along school bus, also battery operated, that spins the little people in their seats while you tug it along. It is noisy and dizzying for me, so of course the little ones enjoy it immensely! Hehe. Thank you everyone! I will think of you next time your kids have a birthday! Oh, wait, all the noisy ones came from the Grandparents! I guess they've already had their turns. Darn!! ;)

We had a late lunch today, (Chick-fil-A, I feel I am going to really be in trouble with how non-frugal I have been lately!) so I'm off to make a late snacky dinner of turkey and cheese sandwiches.

Love, the-happy-with-new-toys-and-clean-house-Me :)

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