Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Feeling Creative

Well the birthday party was great a great success. People stayed long enough that I felt like I actually got to spend time with everyone, especially friends and family I don't get to see often. Of course, they didn't get to spend much time with the kids as they stayed in the back playing most of the time. I don't really think Evan knew the whole thing was about him turning 3, but he sure did have a great day! And if you had any of the cake, you know it was quite terrible! It was a cake in a box, and I lined the baking dish with crisco shortening that I think must not have been the best. Ewwww! Even a couple of the kids expressed a distaste for it, if that tells ya anything. I didn't mean to be THAT frugal, hehe!

My house is really clean! There is always going to be something messy, and in our house that mess is the laundry. I don't think we'll ever catch up! We did however, get the entire play room organized and cleaned out, along with all the other rooms. This journaling seems to have gotten me motivated to do more. I also feel more creative and it kind of goes in a circle for me. I feel creative, I get more done, I get more done, I get more creative. It's a nice feeling. :) I plan on doing some scrap booking later tonight or tomorrow. I have a ton of wedding photos I'd like to finish and a pair of socks I was crocheting for Ed that it would be nice to have done by our anniversary. The end of July will be our 10th Wedding Anniversary. I remember when we made it to two years dating, breaking both of our records, and really astonishing me that anyone could stay with me that long, never mind propose marriage too! Ten years, 3 kids, and loads of therapy later (mine only, he has yet to acknowledge having any demons to therapitize), I have to say it was the best decision he ever made. He he. :)

Well off I go to be creative! Or fight with my middle child who ignores me completely until I have something fun I want to do...we'll see how this goes!

Oh here he is speaking of the little guy! Told ya! Off to get him his bedtime snack....

Love, Tracee

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Jenny said...

Hope you had fun scrapping. I wish keeping a blog would motivate ME to keep MY house clean...LOL.