Friday, July 27, 2007

Happy 10 Years!

We just watched Miss. Potter, and I am in love with the voice of Katie Melua. She is the artist who sings during the credits: The movie is pretty good too! It has Obi-Wan, er-um, I mean Ewan McGregor in it too. Hehe. That was a very relaxing end to this very long, but wonderful day. I love the Beatrix Potter books, and so do my kids. Now I love them even more, you have to see the movie! In one review it is compared to Return to Never Land, which I also watched and loved, all about James Barrie, the author of Peter Pan. I love those kinds of stories, all about the artists and how their art came to be. Very romantic!
And romantic it should be, as today was our 10Th wedding anniversary! Woo-Hoo, we made it!!! Of course I never doubted we would {said with cheesy romantic grin, and a little bit of a dimple showing, since being who i am, i doubt everything, and when i tell lies, no matter to whom, i always get this extra little dimple, which I've never noticed, but keeps me from ever lying to my husband since he notices no matter what!}. We are saving our money for all our little day trips we've done and will do this week of Ed's vacation, so we didn't go on a date alone today. We started off with a walk, a very long and winding walk, (winding as in up and down and around, but also, winding as in, I am totally winded!!) at Dreher Island State Park. It was supposed to be a 2 mile walk, and I don't walk too often, but I think it counted for more than 2 miles! On the way back to the beginning of the trail, we let the boys play in the lake. They didn't have their suits, so Evan got naked, Tyler went in undies, and Philip wouldn't go in. He is much too modest to go naked and much too neat to get all wet with his clothes on, hehe. He still had a good time, I think. We had a little picnic before the walk, so all in all it was a nice family day. :) We got home and the boys got their daily dose of Pokemon-watching in while Ed cooked dinner for us all and I took a trip to the store. I went out to Publix to get a couple of slices of coconut cake, to help celebrate our night. We had a coconut cake for our wedding, inspired by When Harry Met Sally, but no chocolate sauce on the side, that would be too messy. :) Well, I have such good luck I ended up getting a 7-inch round cake for free! It was marked as one price and rang up another, so since I already had to go to customer service to see if they'd cash a check I have, I went ahead and told them of the pricing error. Well, Happy Anniversary to me! Did you know if they ring up wrong, you get the item free?? I did not! And that's the only thing I bought, so that was a trip well worth it. :)
Ed and I were, of course, mentioning to each other how things have changed in the last 10 years, wondering if the other imagined us where we are in life now. I, actually, always saw us with 3 kids, but not the rest! I never dreamed I'd be driving a mini-van, homeschooling, and not working outside the home by now. Of course he never imagined he would be here either. But, here we are, and quite happy about it too! So drink a toast to us and say a prayer that we make it at least another five decades alive and well together!

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Jenny said...

Happy Anniversary, Ed and Tracee! May you have many more healthy and happy years together. :)