Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Get Off Me!!

Have you ever noticed that as a Mother, the more we want to get a break from our daily duties, (i.e., children!), the more we are bombarded by them? If you skip the dishes, the pile is bigger the next morning. If you let the laundry sit, good grief, forget it! You just can't catch up! If you ask your kids to be quiet, they get noisier. If you ask them not to climb on you, they start picking YOUR nose, and YOUR ears, and trying to climb IN you! That has been my last couple of days. I have been spit on, hit, screamed at, pushed away, trampled over, jumped on, all in the name of asking them to give me a few minutes peace and quiet. Please don't picture Philip or Tyler as the culprits, here, though they are the main noise makers. And imagine, imagine all that boy noise, kid noise, multiplied by 3, and I just happen to have a lower tolerance for noise than most people. Put me in a crowded area for more than 10 minutes, indoors, and I'm a total nut case. Add to that me trying to concentrate on knitting, or making a grocery list, or even just trying to pull something out of the cabinets or fridge to scrap something up for dinner, and I just can't function. And now the cat's meowing at me for food, the dog needs a bath, and oh my gosh, Calgon Take Me Away! And I HATE calgon, don't like the feeling of it, I don't like that it changes the color of the water, and I don't like that there are no bubbles! But I'll take it, Please, I'll take it, anything to "take me away" for any amount of descent time!!! I am Going to playgroup tomorrow and my kids are going to stay off of me, and they are going to play with the other kids while I very happily complain about them to my friends who will be my co-conspirators in ignoring our very lovely children for the afternoon!


Jenny said...

Oh, man my kids get like that sometimes too! Hope you have a great afternoon! :)

Mary said...

LOL! Tracee you are too funny. I could have written that post myself!