Monday, August 6, 2007

Knitting = Neglect :)

I am so excited! I FINALLY figured out how to cast on my 80 stitches w/out messing up! OK, I didn't figure it out, my friend Jennifer reminded me of this little thing called "knitting markers." :) So, I found some, and finally got everything counted out and cast on correctly. Thank you Jennifer. :) My poor family has been neglected since I started this project on Thursday afternoon. At first I was just bound and determined to get it going. It probably wouldn't be so hard if it were done on the usual 3-4 needles, but I'm trying something called Magic Loop Knitting. You do it all on one set of circular needles. So you cast on 80 stitches, but then pull the wire out, creating a loop, and making 40 stitches on each needle. Very complicated w/out a stitch marker!!! Now, I am just so happy to see the beautiful stripes and colors and the sock getting longer and longer. Yay me!
So, that's why I haven't updated the blog here. Not much has been happening. Ed's back at work, with schedule changes galore! I'm still watching what I eat, but not as well as I could be. We did start school on Tuesday, but only worked for two days. I was going to plan out this school week tonight, but of course, my knitting took precedence.
Evan has decided to follow suit with the bigger boys. You know the usual idea that 2's are terrible? Not in my house. Never. It's 3 that's the killer age to be around in this house. I am getting spit at and hit on a daily basis. That little booger just does not like to be guided or directed or told what to do at all anymore! At least Philip finally seems to be more agreeable lately. Since that kid turned 7 (he's 8 now) he's been quite the mini-teenager. He argues and questions me on everything! On one hand, I realize this is a good tool for him to possess. On the other, Just do What I say and Know I know What's best!!! (even if later i realize i don't, ha!) Argh! LOL.
Well, I'm off to try to get some sleep so I can catch up on all I've neglected this weekend! And hopefully get my reluctant children steered into the direction of happily catching up on their school work. Wish me luck!

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Jenny said...

Knitting sounds so complicated!! LOL