Friday, August 24, 2007

Mom's Night Out

Everyone should have a Mom's night out. I couldn't get away until my husband got home from work at 9:30. At that time, I called to see if anyone was still "out," which tonight meant at my friend's house for fondue. We (my saving grace, my mentors, comrades, sometimes giggling, sometimes crying, goofy girlfriends, and confidantes) meet every week, only bringing the babies with us. It's usually at a restaurant, sometimes at a person's house. Dad's or in-law's, or whoever we can find on the side of the road, ha-ha, takes the kids for the evening, which often turns into a nice portion of the night and early morning! Today was aggravating and long, even though I did get some nice time in with each of my younger kids. So, I was really looking forward to my time away. And I got it, along with chocolate dipped strawberries, Oreo cookies, and a nice glass of white wine too! It really makes all the difference in the world to have a safe spot to vent, to laugh, to say things you wouldn't normally say, (well, OK, you all know there's not much I wouldn't normally say, but to still be accepted is awesome!), to have woman-to-woman (adult-to-adult!) conversations, and to eat wonderful food on top of all that! Wiping poopy butts, cleaning up dog pee and cat hair balls, trying all the manipulative ways I can think of to get the kids to clean up after themselves, all of that just isn't so bad after a night out with the girls. Especially not when the whole house is quiet and I don't even have to deal with a single peep from a single child!!! (Thank you sweet and wonderful husband who knows how much this time means to me!!) Not even greedy libraries and banks can knock me off my Mom's Night Out high. Everyone should have a Mom's Night Out. Thanks ladies! I really enjoyed tonight. :)

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