Saturday, August 25, 2007

Sock A Is Complete!

I am purely content. I am not jumping up and down, I am not screaming hooray. I am just sitting here with this big, very tired, goofy grin admiring my very first knitted sock. I wish you could share the view, but none of you has taken the hints and gotten those extra, laying around, in the way, but perfectly usable digital cameras over to me yet, so you will just have to imagine the beauty of my almost perfect first sock. He-He. I don't know that I have ever worked that hard on something for that long and gotten the result I wanted. Of course I did birth each of my children, but you kind of HAVE to do that, I mean, once they're in there, they hafta come out, right? Your body just takes over, even when you're ready to give in, drive to the nearest Chinese take out, promising everyone you'll be back to finish up later. (I have a friend that thought she could try that, believe it or not!! Hi Dear Friend!!) This whole sock business is completely something I could've given up on. I started and re-started it, I made a gazillion and one mistakes and kept on correcting them (with lots of help!) and going on. I don't think a single one of my college professors would recognize that in me from the good old days, ha ha! I made something useful with my own two hands from a skein of yarn and some directions!!! I was quite hard to be around for the earlier stages, but we all survived and I have a sock to show for it! Too bad it's still in the upper 90's around here and I have to wait 'till much later to wear it comfortably. And, oh yeah, I still have one more to go, PLUS the pair I promised my husband. It took me three weeks and one day, and in that time, just to give myself a few moments of sanity, I also crocheted a few washcloths, a grocery bag, home schooled my kids, etc., etc. I should re-title this entry: "From Pity to Pride!" :) Off to dreamland in hopes of waking refreshed and ready to begin anew with Sock B. And it's a Saturday, no school for us or the neighbors! My kids will be occupied and happily playing all day! Woo-hoo! :) (Cross your fingers that I didn't just jinx my entire weekend PLEASE!)


Jenny said...

Yay! Congratulations on sticking with it...I can't wait to see the sock!

Hannah said...

Congratulations! Isn't it nice, in the midst of all the maintenance-stuff we do all the time as moms, to have that sense of accomplishment! Of having started something, worked on it, and having something tangible to show for your efforts. Good for you!
What happened to your camera? (I assume you had one before, since you have pics on your blog ...)

Tracee said...

Hannah, the camera is either lost somewhere in this house, which I highly doubt since we have looked high and low for it. Or, it was left somewhere. :( I did get my MIL to take a photo of my sock during her visit tonight, so hopefully I'll get to share soon!