Monday, October 22, 2007

My Family Loves Tradition!

Don't ask me why it's not Christmas or Easter or any more "important" Holiday that the kids and I get the most excited about. We LOVE Autumn and all that comes with it. Today was our annual Hayride and Pumpkin Patch field trip. I can tell you however, why I never include my husband in these detailed journals. As much as he would like to join us, he has a rotating schedule, and though it is supposed to be the same thing, changing every 6 weeks, it never is the same. And though we would love for him to be with us, the plans must be made w/ or w/out knowing his "flex" schedule. This year has been the first EVER that I am not completely nuts with three kids and no husband along for whichever activity we're joining. Some people think it's because I've finally got it all figured out. I can assure, I most certainly do not have it all figured out. But the kids do, and that's the difference! Especially on outings that occur yearly, they all know what's going to come next, what's expected of them, and how to proceed accordingly. It is absolutely incredibly awesome to suddenly, unexpectedly have this almost complete freedom! I don't have a clingy child attached to my body anymore. No one is asking for, no scratch that, insisting on and lifting up my shirt for "mommy milk." Nobody gets tired enough or upset enough to have to be carried, besides 2/3's of them are too big for that anyway! In case you haven't quite gotten the point yet, we all, including myself had a great time today! We also quite enjoyed the State Fair last Monday. I have to give my kids quite a bit of the credit for this, because they really are so incredibly easy to be around. Granted, Tyler did try to separate from the group NUMEROUS times, but as soon as I growled in the best Mama bear growl I could do, saying his name as if I were Linda Blair in Poltergeist, he stopped in his tracks and came back. ;) And of course, at the end of whatever event we're attending someone, or even up to 2/3rd's of my children, has quite a little fit about it. But this doesn't take away from the fact that for 98% of the time, we are thoroughly enjoying ourselves and whichever activity we are involved in. Even Me. Which is quite new. So, for whoever out there still has the cling on baby or child, or feels that it's just not right to use a leash, but you still wish you had one right now, or is more worn out than you ever could imagine possible at the end of a 2-3 hour kid-centered event: Don't worry! The time will come when you are able to sit and enjoy that fire roasted hot dog straight from the pit, and then even help the other Mama's prepare the fixin's for the S'mores. The day will come when the baby/child doesn't even ask for that milk. And sad it may be for you my dears, but all I have to say about that is: Alleluia and Praise the Gods and I'm Free at Last, Thank God All Mighty I'm free at last!!!! I am enjoying the kid centered events as much as if it were all about me! And finally, it is about time I got to have fun at these things! I certainly never got to go to petting zoos, or roast hot dogs and marshmallows and paint pumpkins, especially not to the point where I would ask "hey are we doing that hayride again this year?" And certainly not all in one afternoon. And certainly not with my closest friends in all the world. And you know what? I don't even care if my kids "appreciate" it or not. They enjoyed it, I could see it on their faces, and I enjoyed it. That is all I need. Just to know that they enjoyed it and to know that I did too. That is really all I need.
And just in case anyone out there reading this is thinking that my life is just roses and S'mores everyday, PU-LEEZ! My children are still children, and we all still have our meltdowns, and we're still on the frugal plan, and all the grown-up "responsibility" areas of my life all need much improvement. But that's not for this journal! That's for my private-angry-monster-woman journal, the part of me I just don't think you would enjoy knowing or even knowing about. Just enjoy the good parts and light a candle or put us in your prayers for guidance in dealing with the not so good parts, OK? ;) Thanks for reading...'till next time, enjoy this wonderful Autumn Season and all that comes with it!

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Jenny said...

I still don't truly enjoy outings yet. Maybe my day will come? LOL