Sunday, October 14, 2007

Thankful Mama

I love you Evan, for your never ending kisses. For your sweet smile and for saying "I said ----" when you really only thought it. Thank you for giving me one more chance to give birth and to nurse and to realize that it's OK that I never got it all "right," and that I probably never will. Thank you for reminding me to be playful and to put my work down to read to you or play with you. Thanks for still snuggling and for cuddling even though we are done nursing. Thank you for getting excited with me about birds and butterflies and firetrucks and chocolate chips. Thank you for saying please and thank you, especially when you get it all mixed up. Thank you for loving your big brothers so incredibly much and for all the smiles you put on my face when you think you can do whatever they are doing. I love you for being YOU. I love you Tyler, for "everyday." For your poems and love notes. Thank you for making me a Mama of two. Thank you for never giving up and always being stubborn, even when it wears me out. Thank you for reminding me that mothering isn't supposed to be easy, that I am supposed to learn from it. Thank you for never giving up and knowing what you need, even when I don't. Thank you for being able to play big boy games with Philip one minute and little kid games with Evan the next and for thoroughly enjoying both of your brothers, when you're not beating them up. He-he. :) Thanks for your sense of humor, especially on our bad days when I think I just won't get through and then you crack me and your brothers up! Thank you for your love of learning and enjoyment at being in "First Grade." Thank you for not changing a thing about yourself no matter what anyone says or thinks. Thank you for your silly giggly wiggly dancing and acting and character role playing. Thank you for remembering days the rest of us have forgotten and hearing the things we say when we don't know you're even listening. Thank you for reminding Daddy to kiss me on the bridges. :) I love you for being YOU. I love you Philip, for the honesty and love in your eyes, no matter what is going on. Thank you for making me a first time Mama. Thank you for your sensitivity and forgiveness of anyone that has ever offended or hurt you, on purpose or accident, especially me. I thank you for your trust in the world and in your family and for believing in Magic and Dreams even now that you know the "truth" about the Tooth Fairy. :) Thank you for your thoughtfulness of those around you and for being so caring to your little brothers. Thank you for getting excited when they learn something new and for sharing their joy with them and with me. Thank you for being proud of me when I finish a yarn project, or anything else that I am proud of me for. Thank you for going above and beyond in everything you do as my "oldest" child and as the "big brother." Thank you for having the confidence to remind me when I'm being unfair to you or just not remembering to let you "be a kid!" Thank you for being as sensitive as you are, yet strong enough to talk about your feelings, even if you have to "take a break for a minute" that turns into an hour. :) I love you for being YOU.


Jenny said...

OMGosh, Tracee, I've got tears in my eyes! So sweet and honest. (((Hugs)))

Jennifer said...

this is so beautiful!!!!!!!! I cna't beleive I didn't read this sooner!!!