Saturday, December 15, 2007

TOO Much Stuff!

Well, I've figured out the house cleaning problem. My Mother in Law has been telling me this for years, and finally I believe it. We have too much crap!!!! Today we were supposed to get this house in good shape, looking nice and all organized and cleaned up. We thought it would take the whole day, and in between cleaning and organizing we would paint the bedroom doors and the trim. Heheheh. On top of there being entirely too much stuff, I am quite the little procrastinator. I had to run to the store for this and for that, take Philip to meet a friend to spend the night with, and oh wait one more errand before I can come home Ed!! I finally got myself into the kitchen to help sort and dump. I could probably just throw it all out and never know the difference, but a lot of our "stuff" is kids drawings, art work, and school work. In the kitchen that is. Another problem in this house is there is not enough space for storage!!!! So we have too much stuff and nowhere to put it! So it's always piling up on tables, where the kids can get into it and ruin it or throw it around or whatever they feel up to doing to destroy things that day. And what is is with kids movies not being for kids? One of my many "errands" today was to get the kids some video's from Blockbuster so we could get this stuff done. They are not one bit interested in either of the videos, one is a Muppet's Christmas movie, which I thought would be really cute and cool, but apparently has way too much of a plot and not enough action for my littles. The other was an entirely too long "fake" Frosty the Snowman that neither of the little ones enjoyed. This day has just not been as productive as we anticipated. Please send your good thoughts our way and help us to let go of our junk so we can be done with this organizing and cleaning before the appraisers come to "judge" the worth of our home!!!

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Jenny said...

Join FLYlady! She'll help you purge all your extra junk. ;)

Or, rent a storage unit for a couple of months to get some of the extra junk out of the way while your house is on the market?

We have way too much junk, too, so I can relate!!