Sunday, December 16, 2007

Gifts in Time for Solstice

I have been on a path of finding my Spirit for quite a few years now. It's neat to look back and see how many times I thought, "wow, isn't the view incredible from this place of knowing" and then realized I had so, so much more knowledge to access!
Tonight I went to a Christmas Tea, put on by my MIL. This was her second annual Christmas Tea. She offered delicious appetizers, and about 4 different flavors of tea. The house was really beautifully decorated, she has quite a talent in that area, as in so many others.
At this Tea, I was able to hang out with two of my closest friends, Paula and Sahnuah, and they each very kindly thought to bring gifts for me and my family. I didn't have their stuff ready, so of course I felt bad that it wasn't an even exchange. I am still working on things! ;) S. gave me this really awesome calendar. To those that don't know, Time Management is not my forte, and is something my husband and family have just really started to work harder on. It seems that over the past 4 years of living in Columbia, we have almost started living separate lives. He has his work and his dog and I have my groups and the kids. It was a very rare occasion that our family was all together in one place AND relaxed. So, we've been working on this by planning our weeks and months according to Ed's days off and my "not going to miss this no matter what" events. LOL. Well, this day planner is the most awesome thing! Not only will I be able to keep everything planned and organized and coordinated, but I can also stay in tune with "...the natural cycles of the Moon, Sun, planets and stars as they relate to Earth." and "By recording our own activities side by side with those of other heavenly bodies, we may notice what connection, if any there is for us." I am very happy for this calendar book! And the book starts on December 21st, Winter Solstice, and is FILLED with poetry and wondrous information. I LOVE it! AND I got 3 wonderful crystal angel Christmas tree ornaments from P., along with a bag full of presents for the boys that each of them are fully enjoying as I type this!
Also, w/out even trying, I have lost 4 (four) (V) pants sizes since weaning Evan! Woohoo!

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Jenny said...

I wish I could lose 4 pants sizes w/o trying!! Congrats on the weight loss, and it sounds like you had a great time at the tea. :)