Monday, December 24, 2007

Christmas Eve

Well, it's Christmas Eve and we are wrapping like fools! And that's just the kids and us wrapping for the in-laws. Phew, they may be getting just as many gifts as the kids are this year! It's been quite stressful around here lately. We're packing away books, painting trim and porch stairs and doors, replacing appliances, painting kitchen cabinets, re-caulking bathrooms! I never knew this house needed quite as much work as we've put into it this week. Top that with the holidays and we are walking around with clenched jaws and teeth, in desperate need of Chiropractic adjustments, LOL! We're hoping for the best appraisal ever, and it will occur on January 2, 2008. I took the kids to the mall today for their very last minute requests from Santa. It really wasn't that bad, as Philip predicted. He said since it's Christmas Eve, everyone should have already seen Santa. There were mostly little toddlers and babies, and of course we bumped into other slackers like ourselves from our playgroup, hah! Thank Goodness the boys didn't ask for anything we wouldn't have gotten them! The little ones want new, force action and FX light sabers, which we're not getting them! Philip asked for a gaming system and thankfully, that is Santa's big gift this year. We got them a Play Station II and a few games to go with it. And then at Blockbuster, we saw their all-time favorite, Legos Star Wars II, so we'll be renting that until we can afford to purchase The Complete Saga. That is my update for now. Off to boil eggs for my famous-every-holiday-dish- of deviled eggs, and finish crocheting one last market bag!
Happy Solhannumas! :)
Love, Me

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Jenny said...

Getting a house ready to sell is so stressful! LMK if I can do anything to help, ok? (((hugs)))