Saturday, December 29, 2007

Busy with House Prep

Well, the holidays have flown by once again. We only have Internet access through our local library at this time. We have gotten a lot done on the house, thanks to friends, and a lot more will be done today and tomorrow, thanks to family! Lots of painting and recycling and good willing and organizing and cleaning. We really live like slobs, it is pathetic! I will not let this happen in our new home! I am hoping we can do everything we're doing with this house now, to our new home before or as soon as we move in. It's a lot of work, and lots of money to put into it, but it's worth it to have it looking so nice! The worst part has been seeing all the unfinished things, things that got started and put off for when we had more time. We never found that time! Now that we're leaving, it's all getting done. To see that it could've been so nice, ugh! But at the same time, it is very HARD to keep it looking so good with such busy lives as we lead! The kids have been great about it though, as long as I keep reminding them. Besides, they got a PlayStation II for Christmas and have pretty much been glued to that with their Legos Star Wars game. Even Evan has figured out how to play and is enjoying it!
Well that is our update for now. I will blog when I can, but not as often as I would like!
Love, Tracee


Jenny said...

No internet access? Eek!

Good luck with the appraisal!!

Janine said...

Getting a house ready is a lot of work. It will all be worth it soon!