Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Happy New Year!

There are Evan and Tyler, with Evan putting his whole body into moving the characters on their Playstation 2 Game. Hehe. More pictures coming to my Dropshots account since my incredibly talented handy man husband got me the best digital camera ever for Christmas!

Ed and I are just about finished remodeling (almost literally!!) our home for the appraisers tomorrow. It is just beautiful now that we've got it all spic and span and sparkly and clean. It's 4:am and the first appraiser will arrive at 9, the second to follow at 11. What a long day we have! And then to keep it nice 'till we either sell it or finally give up and let the company buy it!!


Jenny said...

Congrats, I'm sure all your hard work will pay off! :)

Hannah said...

Wow Tracee, congratulations on all your progress! That must have been a huge job, and I admire you for not getting too overwhelmed by it all. I remember the challenge of readying a house for sale (and keeping it that way!) with little kids actively living in it. It does feel good, though, to have shed all the extra clutter!