Wednesday, January 2, 2008

LOTS of Pictures and a Video

Here are the boys (& co.) from Christmas to New Year's:

The kitchen actually echoes, it is so empty and nice and neat and shiny. Both appraisers came through this morning while Ed and I tried our best to keep our eyes open. There are pictures of our incredibly awesome and clean house in the above link also. I see now why we bought the house. It has an appearance of being quite spacious. Add stuff and suddenly the space is gone and all ya have is clutter. Ugh. I will have to join again in order to keep this up. At least the kids aren't messy as long as they are occupied by the gaming system. I may have glazed over children, but I'll have a clean house to sell by golly, LOL! That's about all that's going on over here, keeping up with the house and waiting for the relocation agent to call us back about getting a Real Estate Agent for here and for Charleston. We've got the Internet back full time, thank goodness! We'll here back from CarMax re the appraisals in about a week.
Enjoy the pictures and I'll update when there's more to tell.


Jenny said...

Tracee, I'm blown away by the photos of your house, it looks AWESOME! I mean it always looked good, but looks like a showplace!

Give me a call if you want to get together one day before you're gone! (Staying out of the house helps keep it clean in my experience). Maybe we could meet at a park?

Crystal said...

Tracee, we had to sell our house in Simpsonville before moving down here and it was a nightmare! We finally moved and emptied the house before we sold it. Congrats on fixing it up and keeping it clean!!