Monday, January 7, 2008

Strange Day

Amazingly, now that everything has a place and there is a place for everything, this house is not as hard to keep up with as I thought it might be. I've got some dishes running in the washer now, supper is all cleaned up, the laundry is "in process," and life in general is nice. The boys and I dropped Ed off at the airport this morning. He will be gone the rest of the week, being trained in how to manage the new store. Since we were on that side of town, we decided to head over to the Zoo. We had a really great day. It was nice not having any time constraints or cold weather to deal with. We usually are rushed in whatever we do because we always have to get to the next thing. Also, I was quite impressed by how observant my children were today. They must have also appreciated not being rushed, because we spent quite a bit of time at each exhibit, and luckily, the animals were quite active today too! We watched the new baby tortoises hanging out and eating their lunch and Philip kept exclaiming about how rare a moment in nature this was. Hehe, too much Animal Planet for him, huh? ;) Tyler insisted we see ALL of the primates, since they are in "our family." He's really into observing how alike or different we humans are compared to each of the primates. We got to see the Spider Monkeys hanging around and Philip and I decided we're going to research whether or not they speak in some sort of sign language to each other. I personally think they might be telepathic, so we'll be looking that up on the Internet. There was only one gorilla in the gorilla habitat today and I couldn't help but feel sorry for him. And this weird guy, a grown man with a wife and baby, POUNDED on the glass and screamed at the gorilla trying to get his attention. Who are we trying to say is civilized?? That gorilla just ignored the guy and continued preparing his bed for the evening, picking up empty cereal boxes and straw and arranging it just so. The best part of the afternoon was when Philip and I went in to the Lorikeet enclosure with nectar for the birds! Tyler and Evan were too nervous to even attempt it, and if I'm honest, I really was too, but I knew Philip would enjoy it if I could just get him in there! We each had at least 3 birds sitting on each of our arms, one on our shoulders and one on each of our heads. Philip, mini me that he is, just kept laughing open-mouthed and really enjoying the moment, repeating how awesome this moment was and when we left he told me over and over how he can't wait to do it again. I always thought, previously, that the Zoo was only fun if we had friends to join us. Today was the BEST time I've ever been, and it was just me and the boys. It was awesome! On the way home, we ran out of gas on the highway! I just really wasn't paying ANY attention the the gas gauge. I made it off the exit and coasted into a gas station where we finally stalled about 100 yards away from the tanks! Ugh! I'll finish the story later, a brand new Medium is just starting!

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Jenny said...

Oh Tracee, that sounds like such a cool trip to the zoo! Hope you were able to fill up your gas tank w/o too much trouble.