Wednesday, January 30, 2008

I discovered Captain Morgan!

On Christmas day my husband gave my father-in-law a very nice bottle of Captain Morgan's Private Selection. I am NOT a drinker. I like a glass of wine every now and then, a beer here and there, and during holidays I will drink a few rum and cokes. I have never been able to say I "enjoy" my rum and coke, only the nice warm and giggly feeling it provides. But Captain Morgan is different. :) It's actually yummy! And Captain Morgan warms me from my head to my toes and completely relaxes me, with just one shot. So, yesterday, after receiving some frustrating news about our current home, I went and bought my very first bottle of Captain Morgan, NOT the private selection, LOL! The warm and tingly feeling started before I even left the liquor store, since I was carded and the old man running the register very loudly recommended that I thank my parents for their genes that keep me fooling people about my age. Hah! That was a nice moment. :)
So, are you wondering what the bad news was? I don't know if I've ever mentioned in my blog how I think we were duped when we bought this home. But now I know for sure, we were! The agent that sold us this house acted as a dual agent w/out having us sign papers beforehand, for one thing. On top of that, she showed me four or so completely uninhabitable homes before she brought us to this one, saying "Well, this is what you get in your price range!" I was in tears when we walked into the living room of this house and all of a sudden I brightened right up! I love the hardwood floors here and the chandelier in the kitchen, I love the fireplace surrounded by rocks and a rock hearth. I loved that the walls were painted, and nothing appeared to be falling apart. So, I beggingly convinced my husband this was the one, just as the realtor had probably hoped for! My husband used to be quite moved by my tears, especially in the presence of others who put upon him the responsibility, that he really shouldn't have, of fixing those tears! Because of this, on a very icy day in February, 4 years ago, we sealed our doom! We had the home inspected, and the biggest thing we were made aware of was the fact that there are no gutters or downspouts. And there still aren't! I hate to think we were as gullible and playable as it looks like we were, so I'll just blame it on the realtor and her choice of an inspector that completely and totally duped us! The longer we've lived in this house, the more we have found wrong with it. And we have fixed or learned to live with these things along the way. Who cares if one window in the whole house is painted shut? Etc., etc. Until now who cared! But now, our home has been inspected by a REAL inspector and good grief charlie brown, it feels like Judgement Day! So, Captain Morgan came home with me last night, for the first time, and not the last either! My husband and I shared the bottle along with the coke to go with it. We laughed at ourselves, blamed ourselves, blamed the old realtor who has since moved to Florida where she is most likely duping people left and right, and most of all we RELAXED for the first time in a long time! Our oldest son, who has never seen us behave so incredibly silly, was quite indignant about receiving a HOT dinner and made sure to ask my husband, when the bottle of rum was gone and he started to open a beer, "Dad, how much are you going to drink?!" Philip is quite aware of everything that goes on around here, partly due to his keen senses and partly due to my big mouth. He is also quite aware of the affects alcohol can have on a brain. Not wanting to teach our son to be irresponsible in times of stress, not wanting him to believe we need an alcohol crutch to see us through, and knowing how sponge-like his brain his, my husband promptly told him to be quiet, (defensive about our alcohol, are we? LOL!) and I got up to cook him a hot pot of pasta. If you're wondering where the littles were at this time, well they are thoroughly addicted to and were upstairs playing Legos Star Wars, and they never eat dinner at dinner time anyway. So, Philip got his hot dinner and a book before bed, the littles eventually got their bedtime books and some food, and everyone slept peacefully. Except maybe Ed, for on top of everything else, he now has a cold! Our home will be reinspected this or next week. I have reviewed the (million and one!) notes that the first inspector gave and taken note of the astericks placed next to things that will be reviewed by the newest fleet of Judges coming into our home, and I have decided that it's not really as bad as we originally thought. Most things marked are cosmetic. A few things (for instance the statement that more than half the windows are painted shut!!!) are completely inaccurate. I believe I will send Ed away with the dog and children this time and walk the inspector through our home and show him just exactly what ISN'T wrong with this home, that I have grown defensive of! I certainly can't wait to get into our BRAND NEW home, but in the mean time, give me a break! If we can live here for 4 years, in which time a baby was born and learned to crawl and walk here, then PUH-LEASE! One of the comments was the railing on the way in our front door was not child safe, as the posts are too far apart. So, I'm hoping for a better day, a better inspection, and most of all to hurry up and get into our new home. The closing date has been postponed, since the company has to have us, I mean our home, reinspected and make a new offer or have us repair things, before we can get a bridge loan on what was once the equity in this current home, so that we can put a down payment on the new home. And if that's not enough stress, this place is still on the market and life still goes on, so we're trying to keep up with the dishes and laundry, and school, etc. So, kind readers, if you could please once again keep us in your thoughts and prayers, send positive vibes out for the inspection to go well and for us to still be able to afford the new home, we would appreciate it ever so much!


Hannah said...

Oh dear, I really hated that inspection thing when we sold our last house. It's horrible to get a list like that (and ours was new so it wasn't so bad but STILL!) Hoping the next round goes better for you!

Jenny said...

Oh, dear, so much stress! Hope everything goes well...quickly!

Janine said...

Ugh, Tracee! I hope the latest inspection went much better. It certainly does sound like you were taken advantage of. We had a slightly similar thing happen here with the house we were in for three years. We also had a duel realtor situation and she also showed us some teeny tiny, and/or old houses first. I am so happy that you found a beautiful new home. Let us know how things are going.