Friday, February 8, 2008

To Hurry Up and Wait is Not Fun

I think the last time I updated this blog, most of my readers might have been under the impression we would be in our new home by now. That's probably because that's the same impression we were under. Because of the many things found to be wrong with our current home, some money moving has taken longer than originally expected, more inspectors have been called in, and then we decided to switch loan types for the new home, making everything take even longer. Through it all, I have been as impatient as I ever am about anything, except worse! Personally, I have a hard time not knowing where I might be living from one week to the next, LOL. I realize this is not as bad as not having a place to live at all, but I still have this issue! So, our original closing date was for Feb. 4 and then changed to Feb. 11 (yesterday) and now it's looking like it may be Friday before we are actually the new owners of our new home. Besides all the confusion for the kids and a few of our friends, It's kind of nice that we got the extra time here. The boys were able to get to all the sleep overs and play dates they'd been invited to, (with some minor triple-scheduling and rescheduling here and there!) and I got to spend more time with my friends too! We've gotten some minor repairs done on the house and all the things we wanted on the new house have been completed: fencing, gutters and downspouts, and sod for the backyard. Woohoo! Our very awesome Agent, Michelle, whom I'd recommend to anyone (as long as you're not relocating, 'cause I don't think she's doing this again, LOL!!) has kept us updated on the progress of all the last minute things being done on the new home and has even sent pictures of the completed sod, fence and really nice downspouts, hehe! The major perk of the last few weeks, the thing that has brought joy to mine and my children's hearts, be it as materialistic as it is, are the new cars we get to drive! Since Ed has been with the company for 5 years now, he gets to drive a dealer car, his choice, to switch out as often as he wants and keep for up to 30 days at a time! Amazing: I, as spouse of said employee, also get to drive these awseome vehicles!! So far we've had a 2003 convertible BMW and a Corvette, make and model unbeknownst to me at the moment, but VERY awesome to drive!! We also drove a Nissan 350 Z down to Charleston once, but I guess I am just not really a good passenger in a sports car. There weren't even any cup holders, LOL! So there's our update, and I hope to be able to tell you tomorrow that we are definitely moving INTO our new home on Thursday, Valentine's Day and Ed's birthday, and our 13th Dating anniversary, LOL! We are just waiting on the underwriting to be completed and it should be a go!! Cross your fingers, say a prayer, wish on an eyelash, whatever you do, but help us get there! Oh, and Tyler has a loose tooth, which he is very nervous about. ;)


Jenny said...

Oh, no! I was hoping everything had worked out by now, but it sounds like things are back on track. I can imagine it's stressful with all this stuff being scheduled/rescheduled/re-rescheduled. (((hugs)))

The dealer car thing sounds awesome! Woo hoo!

Hannah said...

Oh, the waiting game. Sounds like the car thing is at least a small consolation! And in the grand scheme of things, this waiting time will eventually seem small. Enjoy the present! Let us know when you move in!