Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Idealism and Counter-Offers

Ugh. This is stressful. We drove down to Charleston today to show the kids what we hope will be their new house. They chose their rooms, and oddly enough they chose in exactly the way I thought they would. With the exception of Evan asking which one was his. I had to show him 3 times, each time explaining that he was sharing with Philip. Evan was born in this house and has never had his own space. I decided Philip and Evan would both be better off sharing a room than either of them would be sharing with Tyler. I suppose it's not THAT big of a deal, because the house offers a lot of space and any one of them is welcome in our room and the FROG at anytime they need to be alone. And we can always switch out room-mates. Anyway, they LOVED it! They ran around and checked it all out, then went to the car and brought their light sabers in and had duels! Philip was impressed by the flat top range, while Evan very quickly pointed out where the TV will go. Tyler is already transitioning into living in Charleston, explaining to us, while in Ruby Tuesday, that since the restaurant feels no different than the one in Columbia, it won't really feel like we've moved. :) Both of the bigger kids kept asking when we would be going to the Charleston playgroup, since it was, after all, Tuesday and our regular playgroup park day. How cute, huh? Someone told me not to fall in love with a house, but I think it's too late. We're all hopelessly addicted....

So, we offered, they counter-offered, we counter-counter-offered and are awaiting a reply. We're doing our best to send out only positive thoughts to the universe, so if you could help with that, here's our mantra, if you'd like to join! LOL

"They will accept our offer happily, they will accept our offer happily, they will accept our offer happily."

This was, of course, Philip's idea, and then he very confidently assured Michelle, our Agent, that it would definitely work, because positive thoughts always work! It was quite a day of questions and answers between the kids and Ed and I. Philip doesn't quite understand why we aren't just giving the guy the amount of money he wants. I think we explained pretty well (house-buying-schooling, LOL!) I think I'll have to get out our Monopoly board game and help him figure some stuff out about REAL real estate, haha! I often remind Philip of how adults are so much more complicated than kids. He has just entered a phase that I have yet to grow out of: we wish everyone would just give everyone else what they need for free. I know that is entirely too idealistic and far fetched, but Philip and I truly believe that it could work, if EVERYONE would just be open minded and participate. LOL. And world peace is headed our way too!

Keep the positive thoughts going out so everyone will get what they need to be happy with our new home in Charleston! Thank you!

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Jenny said...

I hope they take your offer, how nerve-wracking!