Monday, January 21, 2008

Putting an Offer on a House Tomorrow Morning!

I think we found a place. I never thought I'd be this nervous! The good thing about the rain is we got to actually see which lawns would be soggy and which homes needed gutters and downspouts, LOL! We had to find some way to appreciate the rain on a day like that! We actually did go to all twelve homes, and some even twice. I am so happy and excited! The reason I'm nervous is that it's a BRAND NEW house. I'm just so anxious about moving into such an awesome, new, and clean place with all of our junky stuff (the couch is pretty new, but still torn in places and stinky like a dog, LOL!) and just messing the whole clean and open feeling of the place up. I intend to be very careful to not do that, but still! We ended up choosing a home that our very talented and wonderful agent suggested that we see. It is SO beautiful! Go to to see the pictures we took yesterday! We're driving down to Charleston again tomorrow with the kids to see it and that's when we'll put an offer in. We hope to close by the first week in February, as Ed is going to be out of town for training again the last two weeks of February. Please send us good vibes and thoughts to be able to get the best deal!

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Hannah said...

Wow, Tracee, that is SO wonderful! Haven't had time to look at the photos yet but the house sounds beautiful. Hope it all works out!