Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Pictures of My Yarn Work :)

The first washcloth I ever made, and it still works better than anything I've found in stores!
This is a cell phone case/camera case I made for myself. Works great! Attached to my factory crocheted Big Box brand purse.

A grab-bag knit shawl I made for myself on my Mom's only weekend. The store Knit, in Charleston (do I see a yarn budget over-extending itself soon? hehe!) sold these bags with a pattern and a variety of yarns for making all different color schemes of this shawl. I LOVE mine!

Evan in his hat. Crochet.

Tyler wearing his hat. He got very excited when I asked him to pose with it, telling me he'd been waiting for me to make a new hat for him. This is actually his old one, but he doesn't have to know, huh? LOL Crochet

Philip in the hat I made for him, one of my very first hats. Crochet.

The one sock Ed got to open on Christmas morning. I'm working on the other one now. Knit.

Here is Evan wearing the hat I made for my mom. I guess now it won't be for my mom. I measure using my own head as the gauge. Obviously, either Evan has quite a large head, or I have a smaller one than I thought. Crochet.

These are the socks I made for me. I don't like wearing them because they are two different sizes, haha. One is knit very tightly, and one very loosely. Knit.

This is the latest market bag, one of the ones' made in exchange for our family photo shoot. Bartering is great when you've got talent, hehe! Crochet.