Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Folly Beach

Hannah, we are just 25 minutes form Folly Beach! I would LOVE to meet up with you anytime you come to town!

We're at the very crowded library again. My kids are going nuts with the very huge array of DVD's available here. I am very anxious not having Internet access from my home, but this will have to do. The kids are much less crabby today, they very much enjoyed the DVD's we selected yesterday and are working on more to take home today. I'm getting more and more unpacked at home, but it seems, as Philip mentioned, that unpacking is making MORE of a mess than helping us settle in, LOL. My mother-in-law is coming into town this afternoon to help measure windows and start sewing some window treatments for us. The windows are bare right now, and it's quite reminiscent of the Spartanburg home that we were robbed at the week before we moved to Columbia. I'm hoping once we get some blinds in I'll feel safer! Well, I'm off to let the kids attempt to play Webkinz before my measly 60 minutes of Internet access are over. If I did this only 1 hour a day of computer time normally, I'd get so much more accomplished, hehe!


Jenny said...

One hour of computer access a day? Eek! lol

I remember the bare windows when we moved into our new home as well. We ended up ordering a bunch of blinds from has some GREAT prices on blinds also if you have "standard" sized windows.

Tracee said...

Jenny, it's one hour per library card I just found out. Now I just have to keep all my kids from using their alloted Internet time so I can use it, bwah-hah-haha! And none of my windows are standard size as I found out this week. Ugh!