Saturday, March 29, 2008

Big Switch & Nostalgia

Well, it seems I have found a crowd that is on the early schedule here, hehe! I have noticed that I am getting tired earlier in the evening, and wondering aloud to my husband about why I can't stay up late anymore. De-duh-dee! I've been up in the mornings for almost the whole week, out to events that begin at 10 or 11 at the latest. On the upside, I've been waking up at an earlier time and feeling more refreshed. Very confusing to one who normally fully enjoys sleeping late! I still love my bed and the relaxed feeling I get when I'm able to enjoy lying there in the full quiet of the morning, with all the kids still sleeping, but I have found if I force myself to go back to sleep, it's just not a good thing. I wake up all puffy eyed and confused and with a headache. No point in forcing sleep for that result, LOL! So today, my dear friends who know me so well, it is just a quarter to ten and I have been up for an hour already! You get a lot more done in a day like this too, did you know that? Hehe! Many more daylight hours to work with when you actually start closer to when the sun rises!
The down side is that not many people are up for a late night out, or even a night out at all. And even if they were, it wouldn't be the same. This makes me incredibly nostalgic for the Thursday MNO's in Columbia. I'm sure in 4 years (perhaps sooner, but I am comparing to how long I lived there)I'll have the same rapport and camaraderie with some of the Mom's here in this town, but right now I feel like I just wanna go home. :( I want to have the phone buzzing in my pocket at 1am with my husband just checking to make sure we're all OK. I want to be shivering outside a restaurant after it closes, and not be the only one still trying to "just finish this last row" of knitting. I want people who KNOW me to laugh at my jokes and feel comfortable enough to tell me to shut up when I'm talking too much. As wonderful as it has been to be accepted at all the cool events, it is not the same. And building sandcastles on the beach with the boys 2 days in a row is REALLY FUN, but it doesn't cure the ache in my heart for my friends. Hmmm, the psychic part of me sees my gas budget quickly flying out the window!!! I see the makings of a road trip beginning. Where is Tuesday's playgroup? And isn't everyone staying out till dark and then heading out to dinner together? Hmmm?? Make plans girl, I'm coming to town! And THAT is the best part about living *only* two hours away. I can go *home* any time my little heart desires. Phew, I love blogging. It always cheers me up. Thanks whoever invented this Blogger site, I feel much better. And I didn't even have to pay $80.00 an hour!! Hehe.


Hannah said...

Change is certainly not easy, is it, even when you have such positive feelings about your new environment? In a way, it's a good dilemma - it means that you were/are happy in both places, and you have an ability to form close friendships. Pardon the cheesiness, but I must quote: "Make new friends, but keep the old -- One is silver and the other's gold." :-)

Our day in a nut shell said...

Good for you!

Yes, to Charleston I will visit. Must get warmer so we get to hang out on the beach!

Bramble said...

If u start a knitting club I'll join :-)
(and just cuz it's funny the security word i have to type in to prove I'm not a spambot is "mfcker" hahahaha)