Tuesday, March 25, 2008

I am so Blessed & What a Relaxing Day

I just want everyone to know that I am aware of how good I have it. I haven't done a single thing to deserve the lifestyle I get to enjoy, that is purely my husband's hard work and the luck of the draw. I called a friend today to gush about what a lovely day I was having, and she reminded me, very indirectly, that not everyone is having such a good time as my family and I. I am joyful to the extent that I am, simply because I had no earthly idea that life in this town would be so wonderful! I didn't know I could be this happy w/out daily interactions in the friendships that I've nourished and that have nourished me over the last four years. I didn't know I could find another group of like-minded Mama's to join up with, that would accept me so easily into their gatherings and lives. I always thought I was an optimist, but maybe I wasn't giving people the credit they deserve. The love and acceptance that has come my way, from other Mom's in particular, since I became a mother is more amazing than almost anything that came before! The power of circles of women, even just over the Internet, has been shown to me ever since Philip was born. I know I am Blessed and I am thankful and appreciative for whatever Power it is that is guiding my life right now. And I am working on paying it forward, to friends and strangers alike.
So, what I called to gush about was a most fantastic morning and early afternoon. Anyone who reads this knows I am not a morning person. Well, most people in my new Mom's group are early birds, at least it seems so far. Not really a good fit, huh? LOL! I've planned to make it to a few morning events, and this is only the second one we've actually gotten to. OH and speaking of, the first one was a Marine Touch Tank that was hosted at one of the other Mom's homes! The boys and I got to learn about the wetlands in the area we live in, including some of the plants and creatures that live here. Then, we got to touch live sea stars, sea urchins, a few welchs with the snails still alive inside, and some crabs! It was a great learning experience for all, and then we got to play outside in the yard, where the boys very much enjoyed time with other kids on a trampoline and I enjoyed meeting and talking to more new friends! Nice, huh? Today's event was a belated Easter egg hunt/play date gathering. We enjoyed delicious home made strawberry muffins and hot chocolate, along with the typical "crunchy" spread of organic hummous, pita bread, corn chips and home made salsa, couscous salad, and you get the picture right? I was right at home! It was so strange though, because for an Easter event, it was much more like Halloween! It was pretty chilly this morning, and so the host had a fire going in her outdoor firepit and everyone was bundled up. There were pregnant Mom's, nursing Mom's, attached children and I just have to say, once again, my soul is refreshed! The morning's events were followed by an hour or so of picking fresh strawberries at our local CSA, Ambrose Family Farm. You see why I had to let you know that I realize how blessed I am?? I got pictures of my boys on their knees eating and picking fresh (as fresh as fresh can get!) strawberries, after hunting for eggs filled with organic candy or fruit leather from Stretch Island Fruit Co.™ or organic rootbeer vitamin C drops. Ha! Did I die and go to heaven? As my husband has been fond of saying for the past month, can someone please pinch me? Actually, don't! I am really very much enjoying the wonderful dream. Thank you very much! My eyes are fillng with happy tears and I'm truly wishing the Universe would give a day of feeling like I do right now to everyone in the world!


Anonymous said...

who makes organic root beer vitamin c drops?

Tracee said...

Oops, the rootbeer isn't vitamin c. but here's the link: http://www.yummyearth.com/wholesale.html Yummy Earth

Jenny said...

Aw, I'm so happy for you, girlie! You deserve it!!

And as great as those strawberry muffins were, I bet you still miss the pumpkin chocolate chip ones I used to make, right? ;)