Thursday, March 20, 2008

Fishing & A Good Day :)

Well, we all went fishing on Sunday. Ed and the boys had planned to meet up with others from work at 7am, but they just didn't get their butts up, not one of them, LOL. So, the Mama's came too. We loaded up a cooler with Publix meat and cheese, chips and drinks and spent the day on the beach. Oh my, I can't even believe I live here still! The men fished and I cast a line out once or twice myself (no bait for me thanks, LOL!) and the boys went back and forth between fishing and playing on the beach. Philip and Ed both caught stingrays, which went right back out. I ended up pretty ticked off at one point. Someone outside of our group caught a stingray and a guy comes out of nowhere saying "Now, you're gonna cut off his barb, right? Here ya go, here's some wire cutters." WHAT???? I was standing right there, and typical for me, I didn't bother to think before I spoke. I just said, wait a minute, you're not really gonna cut that barb off are you? Well, the fisherman went on ahead trying to hold the ray still while the old guy says "This is a people beach, and there's no reason for anyone to get hurt here." UH, what about the ray?? How is he going to defend himself now??? Also typical of me, once I'm shocked, I really can't find words. So, I just stomped off down to the beach. Can you believe the fisherman just listened to a perfect stranger and cut the barb off? It was obvious that wasn't his original plan. Why didn't he listen to me? Argh.
Now for some good news. I am refreshed in spirit w/out having to travel! Woohoo! I took the boys out to a "pokemon tournament" at a new friend's house yesterday and boy did I ever need that Mama time. I got to hold a new baby boy on and off all day, while the boys traded cards and had a couple of battles, and I got to talk to other homeschooling Mama's, one of whom even KNITS and Crochets! Hehe! To top it all off, this was a Potluck gathering, so I didn't even have to make dinner when I got home. Baby fix, kid-free, knitting time with other Mama's, now that's what I call a Good Day! Tomorrow we're going to a Mad Science Marine Touch Tank exhibit at another homeschooling Mom's home. Life is getting good. Sun, sand, ocean and Friends!

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Hannah said...

Man, I totally need to take some lessons from you on how to make friends and get myself in with a group so fast!!! You go girl!