Saturday, March 15, 2008

Our First Serious Tornado Warning

The boys and Ed and the dog and I just made it through sitting in the bathroom for about an hour, listening to the t.v. news tracking the local line of tornados and dangerous storms. Ed swears it was only 20 minutes, but if you put me and 3 kids in our main hallway bathroom, uh, that's an hour man! Ed "manned" the televison while I "entertained" the children, ha! We did well, especially once I had the grand idea that this would be the perfect time to read to my kids. Novel ideas come in cramped spaces!! Pun so totally not intended, but pretty funny to me anyway! So we did well, except for the fact that since this was an emergency situation, I decided to tell the kids that if there were ever a fire or smoke alarm going off, to meet at our neighborhood park. Now Tyler thinks if there is a tornado we should go to the park, and that fires and tornadoes always come at the same time. He kept asking when we could go to the park. And afterward, when we decided we were all clear, each time there was lightning or thunder, Evan wanted to run back to the bathroom. My sweet kids. I think we really are adjusting well. Phew!


Hannah said...

Wow, that's plenty of excitement! Glad you guys are OK as that's probably not the kind of excitement you really need right now. :-) Makes a good story, though, and the boys will remember it!

Paige said...

Well Tracee...while we were in Atlanta, the big tornado hit 2 blocks from where we were staying. I was on the deck listening to the roar for at least a minute before I realized what it was! I was terrified thereafter. This is my 3rd, THIRDDDD, tornado scare! I hate them so much. I have some way cool pix of damage. Poor people.

Glad you guys were safe. Tornado warnings will be old hat soon!


Our day in a nut shell said...

I made a blog spot...

Our day in a nut shell.
I do not know how to send you the link though. email me how. I am unsure if I can get on here from work.

Janine said...

Wow! We are quite used to tornado warnings in Iowa.

Sounds like you have adjusted well to your move. I am glad you are having fun keeping your house in tip-top shape.