Thursday, April 17, 2008

Tyler the Fish :)

We've been talking a lot lately about the boys' birth stories. It always happens around each of their birthdays, I try to tell just the birthday boy's story, and then the rest want to hear theirs. And of course, they want to hear them again and again. Also, since we've moved here, we've been doing lots of fishing. So there's the background you need for this funny. Evan often will ask me if I remember stuff, as if he were with me when things happened, although he wasn't even born yet. The day before yesterday, I was only half way listening, and he starts off by asking if I remember when we went fishing.
Me: (Nodding), yes, I remember, did you like fishing?
Evan: Uh-huh and Mom, do you remember the time when we went fishing and Dad didn't catch a fish?
Me: Yep, he caught a sting ray, right Ev?
Evan: No, I wasn't talking about a sting ray, I'm talking about the time he caught Tyler.
Me: Baby, Daddy didn't catch Tyler.
Evan: Uh-huh-uh! You said! Daddy did catch Tyler!
Me: (laughing) OH! You are right, Daddy did catch Tyler, but not from the Ocean.
Evan: (Looks very confused.) Oh-eww.

You know how someone says the word "Oh," as if they realize they had it completely wrong and now they get it? I can't quite describe in words, you had to be there, but it was like a light bulb moment for Evan. Who knows how long he's thought Ed caught Tyler from the ocean like a fish??? Hahahaha!

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