Saturday, April 19, 2008

100th Post Dedicated to My Newest We'moon Friends ;)

Since we have been here, we have been to many activities through FamilyPlaytimeSC : Family Playtime. Through this really nifty group, we have met some totally awesome new peeps! Let me tell you a bit about the people we don't have to drive far to see! ;) I wish I could tell you the names of all the people I've met and had the chance to hang out with, but there really are so many and I can't remember every name. Our first get together was at a park about 30 minutes north of us. There were about 3 other families there, and the boys and I were happy & relieved to finally be out and about and making new connections! Philip and Tyler are especially taken with Lynn's "big man," who is into Pokemon cards. I have to admit, I am also pretty taken with Lynn and her family. :) She is a fellow knitter, blogger and homebirther, among many other things we have found in common between us. Their family is one of the first we met, at a homeschool support meeting. Because of the Friday Field Trips and Homeschool Support Meetings, I've gotten to know and enjoy hanging around many new people, including Alicia and her girls. Tyler, especially, is impressing me with his ability to make friends with anyone near him, and to even do this separately and with different people than Philip is hanging out with. He is bonding quite well with Alicia's girls, and I am proud of him for this. In the past, he has been led to believe (by people mostly outside of our immediate family) that boys should play with boys, and vice versa. This gets on some of the nerves closest to my very last one, LOL, and I am so glad he is throwing that advice out the window! Yesterday, for example, more friends made the round trip drive, totaling 4 hours, to spend the night with us. Actually, Jennifer had an appointment in town and I convinced them to spend the night with us. Well, Tyler and Jennifer's daughter, lovingly referred to as Number 1, spent quite a bit of time collecting seashells on the beach together, splashing in the ocean, and then just hanging out watching Sprout tv in the late evening. I am so happy he is letting himself be free to hang out with whoever he wants to, instead of putting restrictions on himself that just aren't even valid to begin with! (And hey, I figured it would be alright to include Jennifer in my dedication to my new found friends, since we seem to be spending more time together now, with our whole families than we ever did in Columbia, ROFL!)
We met Paige and her two boys, on my first trip to the library, not even knowing she was a part of Family Playtime. We discovered together that homeschoolers have radar and can always tell if someone else is also homeschooling, hehe. She introduced our family to a neat little hiking trail behind a local park and is actually the first person to call me for a get together here. Yay! We haven't gotten together as much as we'd like to, due to being on quite different schedules. There are many morning activities in this group, and I have missed more than I'd like. When it comes down to it, I am just not ready to hit the road before noon. I CAN do it, but it's not necessarily a pretty site if it happens, LOL. I have arrived at most of the FFT's, which are schedule for 10:30AM, barefooted and with shoes and socks in hand just to arrive casually late as opposed to missing half the program, which may just have happened, if I'd put the dang shoes on, LOL! We've also gotten together with Susan and her 4 boys. They are into building legos and climbing on their very cool loft beds. Susan's littlest and Evan were quite taken with each other, hanging out in one of our vans together for a bit while the bigger kids finished up their Wild Wetlands field trip.
We've also reconnected with a friend of mine from the 1/2 year I was in highschool here. Jennifer and I have been getting together for Friday nights out w/out kids and have been enjoying getting to know each other again and catching up. She has two beautiful girls the same age as my first two guys.
Now this post wasn't intended to turn mushy, but here I go. Once again I am overwhelmed at how easy it is to be let into, or even invited into, circles of *We'Moon* since I have had my children. I cannot say I ever had much in common with other girls as I was growing up or even in college and in the working world. I always got along much better with the guys. Until I had my babies. And I am so thankful for all the circles I have been a part of and for all the support and love that has been shown to me and my family through those circles. Thank you newfound friends for welcoming me to my new home and befriending my children and me. And thank you longtime friends, for first welcoming me and then keeping me. We'll see how the keeping goes here, hehe!!!

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