Saturday, May 3, 2008

Happy Traveling

We left town Thursday afternoon. I finally figured out what's going on with the new mom's group. After a few outings with them, it clicked. There are always people saying "oh it's great to put a face with the name!" The first time I went out, I thought it was just that there were more than the usual amount of newbies. But the trend continued. It wasn't just that there are a bunch of newbies to the yahoo list. It's that the group is so large and there are so many field trips and events and everyone is so spread out, that people on the list don't necessarily or even often know each other! It's not really a playgroup, which I thought at first. It's a networking/resources group for families in the area! The women have great information, especially about natural body care products and natural medicines and supplements and foods. (i should get to pick up my first order from Frontier when I get back into town, yay!) In fact, they are so into this, that is what all the scheduled MNO's consist of!!! There are really cool events to learn about cloth diapering, moon pad sewing, cheese making and kefir making. But where are the I-just-came-out-to-be-a-Mom-away-from-her-family-MNO's? The one I tried to plan, nobody showed up to! Thursday as I was climbing out of bed, it hit me how blessed I have been to always have been part of the smaller, closer knit groups of women that gather several times a week to simply hang out. And I'm not saying that doesn't happen with this new group, not at all. I just haven't found the groups that are like this yet, LOL! It's just like I said, the group is so large, there doesn't seem to be a core group of regulars attending any specific weekly or daily events. And I miss that so bad! I've been trying to start up one myself, but either the day, location or time is not fitting into the schedules of other like minded Mama's, so it's not happening as quickly or smoothly as I'd like. So I high-tailed it to Columbia as quickly as I could, with all 3 boys in the non-gas-guzzling Acura that is our demo car for the week. Woohoo! I didn't even tell most friends that I was coming into town, yet because it was Serenity's final week to celebrate her taste buds before the next chemo starts, and it was at a fabulous Thai restaurant, there was a HUGE turnout! Even Jennifer neglected her studies for a few hours, which was awesome and I pray I don't end up responsible for any incorrect exam questions! I was in heaven, able to be surrounded by my best friends (minus the ones in Spartanburg and Greenville) for a whole evening of chatter and venting and support of one another, along with just plain catching up. I think I'm still high from it! And the boys got their fill too, as Scott was willing to watch them while Tammy and I and all our group talked and knitted and crocheted 'till 1:30 in the morning. Ahhhh, deep relieving sighs here. We bunked---and I mean this in the most literal sense--at Tammy and Scotts for the night, then all headed out to a scrapbooking party at Dawn's the following afternoon. Note to self: Don't sleep in the top bunk again, as you have to get up to pee entirely too many times to feel safe climbing up and down the ladder in the dark that much! Philip got to go swimming with Alex and other friends, and he and I got some scrapbooking done. Tyler got some much missed time in with the kids and their DS's, and Evan just enjoyed being around all the families and friend's he's known since birth. And speaking of families, since we were already halfway to Simpsonville, we decided to head the rest of the way up to see the grandparents. The kids were excited to be able to garden with NeeNee today and to play Webkinz together, as there are multiple internet connected computers here. And for some reason, chores at other people's homes are just not as hard as at my own home, you know? So, the dishes and the vacuuming are done here and Evan will soon be happily splashing in the bathtub. I also got a button sewn on to Philip's shorts, so he even gets to wear clean clothes if he wants! LOL It helps that I don't have to be in a separate room to be on the computer, since NeeNee has an awesome laptop! And since we're only 45 minutes from Spartanburg....well, we'll see where we end up tomorrow! Ed is, of course, home and opening the store this weekend. He'll actually be of tomorrow, but he plans, and Ipray that he does it, to take the dog on a very long walk, which she desperately needs!


Anonymous said...

Thank you for coming to visit us on your way thru town on your adventure tour.
I am glad you came to our church to visit , a place we do spend a lot of time these days.
hugs to you....

Hannah said...

That is so ideal that you can sort of ease into your new life by being able to go back for visits! It's like weaning yourself from Columbia, LOL!