Thursday, May 1, 2008

I'm Tired & Some Sad News

I jumped right into this town and now I am worn out. I am trying to do too much. I'm going to have to cut something out. Yoga ends after Picolo Spoleto, so I'll stick with that. The boys are still thanking me each and every time we go over the bridge to get to gymnastics, so that's not out. I keep getting confused about which park I've scheduled for my rotating relaxed homeschoolers/attachment parents park day. (never mind the fact that i've never even been to them before i put them on the schedule at the suggestions of others!) Which is almost always 20 minutes away from gymnastics, on one of the same days we have gymnastics. Have I mentioned gymnastics is 30 minutes away? We go twice a week for an hour and a half. All three are in the same class and are truly enjoying it and working hard. I figured out tonight that almost all the locations people in my group would go for a summer afternoon at the park would put me and the boys in the car for about 2 hours and at the park for a little less than that. This includes driving straight from our home to the park, then over to gymnastics, then home again. It's really not many miles, but those miles do take time. And lots of bridge crossing. And the guys don't thank me every time, just every time they know we're headed to or from the gym. LOL. I scheduled the park day to be every Wednesday BEFORE I knew I'd have the boys taking a class on that day. Looks like that particular park day will have to go for me. For now. We're still enjoying the Friday Field trips with the group and it seems a lot of Mama's around here enjoy one on one playdates, so that is fine, now that I know people to call when I want to hang out. :) And you know what else? I'm still keeping up with school! I am very impressed with me, as this is the longest stretch of time that I've actually "done" school on a daily basis. Of course we always have the daily life learning and lots and lots of conversations, but we're actually almost done with our 3rd grade and 1st grade math books and doing pretty good with geography and history too. We may actually get to have somewhat of a slacker summer w/out guilt!! Woohoo! I let the house-work go for just a bit because of being so darn busy, but I caught up tonight on the bathrooms and I'll catch up tomorrow on the laundry and dishes. Right now I'm off to catch up on some much needed sleep.
Ahh, I feel better. Thanks Blogger, for giving me space to work out my scheduling conflicts.
Oh, an afterthought: friends of ours found out today that the bio-mom of the baby they were planning to adopt has decided to keep the baby. The baby was born on Tuesday and the bio Mom had originally said they could be in the room for the birth. Didn't happen. Our friends somehow got a picture of the baby, which gave them hope that they'd have him soon. Bio-mom waited a full 24 hours and then told them that she was keeping the baby. Our friends pretty much expected this to happen, as this woman did the same thing with her previous baby. But it doesn't stop the heartache, you know? If you could keep them in your thoughts and prayers that'd be awesome.

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