Friday, April 25, 2008

Reasons I Love the Beach

Sun-glowing kids at sunset. Jennifer's Number 1 and Tyler.
I can get some nice shots with my nifty new camera.


The moon over the ocean, opposite the sun setting. This was the night Jennifer and her family came to town.

Phew, what a strange start to the day. Sorry to have dragged you all into my pity party, but like I mentioned earlier, you choose to read or not. LOL. I ended up making the best of the day! We discovered the local mall, which is really nothing much at all. There is a Chick-Fil-A, which the boys and I thoroughly enjoyed, down to exchanging their books for ice cream. We also rode on the escalators and the elevator, both must-do's for a mall adventure to be complete. ;) Afterwards, we took our second trip to Hancock Fabrics, which did I already mention this? is the only store that I've found to have yarn at fairly descent prices that is anywhere near me. I got some beautiful wool for making some knit soakers for some new Mama friends. Did I tell ya I got my first paying customer?? Woohoo! Thank you Rachelle for originally asking me if I could knit a longie, cause now I am happy to say, Yes I Can! Hehe. After the yarn store, we visited the new chiropractor for the third time this week. Did I tell you about that yet? This is a neat little story. I'll try to keep it short and simple. A local and trusted friend recommended a particular place to call. She wrote the number down for me. I dialed the number exactly as I read it. Turns out, I was one digit off. Instead of a professional answer on the other line, I got a simple "hello?" I explained I must have the wrong number and why I thought so. The voice on the other end enthusiastically explains that while I think I have the wrong number, she actually is a chiropractor, though not the one that was recommended. Huh? Far out stuff if you ask me! So, she decides to give me a super cool price for my first visit, which is great because I had a super painful ear ache and really wanted to get in fast. While waiting to call her office to make an appointment for that afternoon, (i reached her at home during her lunch hour, on an unlisted, unpublished number ! freaky, freaky!) I called my former chiropractor to have her remind me of who it was she originally mentioned for me to check out here. Lo and behold, it is the same person I dialed, one digit off, trying to dial the locally recommended chiro's number! I really give a lot of credence to "signs" and I took this as a sign that I am supposed to be seeing our already beloved Dr. Julie. So, we're working on a care plan for my very misaligned spine and while we're in the beginning stages of this, I happened to be reminded of something. Did you know spinal adjustments can be emotionally charging? (as well as highly financially charging, Ha!) So, besides the fact that I truly wished I were "home" this morning, I'm going to blame the outpouring of tears on an emotional reaction to my recent and numerous spinal adjustments. I do so like to analyze why this and how that, and I always feel better with a reason. So, there it is. Oh and here are the top 10 reasons I LOVE THE BEACH! (this is an opposites copy of Jenny's Reasons I hate the beach, hehe!)
1. The Sun. I love the feel of it on my skin and in my hair and the look of it reflected off the water and, especially while it's setting, the way it looks glowing down onto my boys as they splash and play.
2. The Sand. The feel of it slipping away with the current, for a moment I feel grounded and then I almost fall. I also love it between my toes and in my fingers. It's like a spa treatment! That would be wet sand. The dry sand I love to sit on and just bask in the aforementioned shining sun! There is one time I don't appreciate the sand, and that's when it blows into my eyes or mouth.
3. The Water. It's like a spa treatment! I love the smell, the sound, the feel of it.
4. The Waves. I love how I can be picked up and carried with each wave, and gently dropped down as the wave flows past me. It's like being bounced like a baby, or I imagine it is anyway. I also LOVE boogie boarding!
5. Sea Life. Now, I'll be the first to admit that if I'm in water, I am going to pretend nothing in it is alive besides me. At the same time, I get so excited to see the shells with creatures still in them and the dolphins that pop up every once in a while, and the fish that occasionally jump up near us. What's even more exciting is to watch the kids discovering and enjoying all of this too!
6. Suncsreen. Crazy, but I LOVE the smell of sunscreen. My husband could wear it as an aphrodisiac if he wanted. Too bad he doesn't read my blog, hehe!
7. Swimsuits. I am very glad there are swimsuits at the beaches I go to, cause I surely wouldn't want there NOT to be. ;)
8. Boating. I love the wind in my hair, the sound of the engines drowning out any other noises, or if on a sail boat, the feeling of being carried away by something stronger than myself.
9. T-shirt Shops. What if you forget to bring your bathing suit? Ya gotta have someplace close when the urge to just jump in hits you because the water has FINALLY warmed up to a temperature that you can get into and not freeze solid instantly! Good thing I am more frugal than that lately and I just got wet up to my thighs in my capri pants today.
10. Seafood. Now normally, I definitely don't eat, nor do I like the smell of, seafood. But today on the way home from the beach, I was at a stop sign next to a crab shack. I could smell the fried food and and hear the beach music and I really loved it! Not enough to decide to eat there, but enough to argue the point. I'm having fun now!
11. The scantily-clad singles scene. Dude, bring it on! I don't know about other beaches, but the ones I've been to lately have got the hottest looking guys I've seen in a long time! Did I write in here about the half naked surfer dudes the other week? OMG! I had to take an extra trip out to the beach to pick up a pair of mucho dinero flip flops a friend's child left there. It happened that there was about to be a storm. Holy. Moly. These guys were in very nice condition. I don't know if they were single, but I am not, so it doesn't matter. But boy my eyes haven't felt that nice in a long time. ;) (good thing my husband doesn't read my blog!)
Aren't you glad I feel better? Boy, I am!! Happy Birthday to Me!


Jennifer said...

LMAO girl you are a trip. You amaze me with how resilient you are. I love the beach too. I bet you didn't know that. :-P

Jenny said...

Ha! Love your list!! You crack me up! :)

Alas, we are in FL, nowhere near you, or I'd definitely give you a call. Glad your birthday was great after all!

Bramble said...

Two words for you- Giant Squid.
That said, not sure which beach yo're frequenting but if you haven't been there head over to IoP, there are some mad hot surfers over that way.

Tracee said...

oh yeah. going to search for directions on yahoo maps! hehe