Thursday, April 24, 2008

Good Grief!

A bath and a couple of phone calls later and I think my last entry sounds a little like I am depressed or something. Fear not, it was an hour long lapse in brain cells due to just waking up and still being groggy. I was certainly writing from a place of self-pity, but good grief! I live in a Beach town for heaven's sake! The kids and I are off to spend money we don't have on food we shouldn't eat at the mall (chick-fil-a, yum!) and then to buy yarn (on sale at A.C. Moore) YES!(spending more money on gas that i wish i didn't have to buy) and then heading out to the beach. And somewhere in there I'll get some yummy chocolate! I mean, if I were in Columbia I'd probably be wishing we had gas money to drive to the beach!!! I'm good ya'll, and thankful to be here.


Jenny said...

Glad your birthday's looking up! Eat some nuggets for me. :)

Anonymous said...