Saturday, May 17, 2008

I've Got Balls

Uh-huh. You think I'm terrible, but dirty thoughts are only in the minds of the beholders!! I just spent the last, oh maybe 2 hours, trying to untangle YARN! Of course, as usual, I ended up having to cut it. OK, so 1 hour was spent trying to untangle, and the second hour was spent winding my balls. ;) There was a sale on the giant skeins of Lily Cotton at A.C. Moore today. We were over on that side of town to see a movie. We being the boys and I. I took them to the movies, all 3 of them by myself, for the first time ever. Uh-huh. Please see title of this post. ;) They've been once before with their Grandma and once with their Dad. The last time I took any of them to see anything was when I took Philip to see Stuart Little II and we had to leave the theatre 20 gazillion times to calm him down and make sure he didn't want to leave. And then we did leave. He didn't ever even watch television till he was 2 years old, no wonder he ran screaming when the falcon dangled poor little Stuart off the edge of the church tower! Well my friends, the times have changed! Philip was the kid who believed the candy at the check out aisles was for decoration. He never had candy (unless someone snuck it to him) until his 3rd Halloween, when we finally went trick or treating and didn't steal every last piece of his earnings. Anyway, to quote a famous acquaintance, I digress! Tyler has been quite taken with the Chronicles of Narnia since his first introduction to The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe about 2 years ago. This introduction happened quite unbeknownst to me, whilst he was in the care of a teenaged babysitter. Who knew teenaged babysitters with younger brothers wouldn't think to check if that movie was OK? Who knew I probably wouldn't have cared because I really just needed a date night with my husband? Anyway...lately, we've regressed back to eating out a little more often than I ever meant to...and Tyler was reminded of his interest in the Chronicles of Narnia by the books Chick-Fil-A gives with their kids meals. We've been reading them and yesterday we checked out the BBC version of Prince Caspian from the local library....speaking of, hey Hannah, remember I don't have library elf available here? well, that's OK, the library itself has the same set up here! Last night while watching t.v (which hasn't been taboo in this house for a LONG time), Tyler and I noticed that today would be the opening day of The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian. He requested to go to the movies to see it. And we went. And we got the biggest tub of popcorn and two of the biggest drinks I've ever seen....boy, the terms "small, medium and large" have become quite relative to where you are purchasing the items, huh? We loved the movie! It was awesome! And who, by the way, is the actor that plays the Prince? WOW! I mentioned to the boys on the way home, (in the midst of asking them who the protagonists and antagonists, oops i meant who their favorite characters were) that I thought the Prince was pretty cute and he says "so, ya like messy greasy hair, huh?" What, is he jealous? ROFL! Anyway, the point of this is to say, wow. My kids can sit through a movie like that. That is nutty! Evan spent a lot of time with his eyes covered, or pushing my hands away when I tried to cover his eyes, but still! No crying, no leaving, no anything, and the movie was 2 hours and 20 minutes long! I have been a little mushy/emotional lately about how much they are changing, instantly before my eyes. I've really been wanting to just stop time, or at least slow it down a little, because I already know how fleeting these days are! I already have a hard time remember everything I meant to remember from each of their baby and toddler days. They have been morphing continuously since they were born, it seems. As each phase passes, I look back and say, hey! Where'd you go? Who's this? And as soon as I think I know them again, they are changing again. It is beautiful and awesome and miraculous to be witness to this process and at the same time, heartbreaking. This is very selfish, because my heart isn't breaking for them. I am not afraid (yet) of how they will cope when they are grown and gone from our home. (did i really just write that!? of course i am! that's just not the heartbreak i'm referring to, LOL) I mean heartbreaking as in, wait! Stop! I love you just how you are today! I'm having so much fun. Don't leave me yet. Please stay and jump off the bed and into my arms until I am begging to play a different game! Let me keep watching you do all these first things....learning to pump the swing, crossing the monkey bars, tying your shoes, reading your first words. Please stay and beg me to read all the books one more time. Stay and fight with me about how much computer and t.v. time you get. Stay and hold my hand while we cross the street. I already miss so much who they have been in each phase up to now....from a fluttering butterfly kick in my womb, to little nursling infants, and all the way to now. They keep growing and changing and I just already miss them. I've actually gotten myself quite choked up here, good grief! I've been a little over busy and stressed out lately. Which always means I'm a little less of the parent I intended to be. Which makes feeling this way even worse, since I know I haven't been the best I could be lately. Phew! Well, off to bed I go with full intentions of being the best Mom ever tomorrow. Just cross your fingers, cause we have a project to do! We'll be making posters for a festival the boys are in. Please send me positive vibes that I'll be able to just let them create how and what they want. And yes, if you must know, I am PMS'ing. And that's one phase that won't be missed from these years!


Jenny said...

Aw, it does go way too fast! LOL at the popcorn and drink sizes...I agree, CRAZY big!! ;)

Hannah said...

I have those feelings about my kids ALL THE TIME. Seriously. It makes me understand why people keep having 'em. :-)

Tracee said...

Hannah,it does make me understand why people keep having more. I totally get it. At the same time, I will not be one of those people, LOL.