Sunday, July 13, 2008

Am I Dreaming?

Philip is in my room reading Captain Underpants -( Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia), Tyler is in another room listening to J. M. Barrie's Peter Pan, narrated by our all time favorite, Jim Dale. (the only voice I'll ever drool over, i swear!) And Evan is downstairs watching Star Wars Clone Wars. The key to my question of am I dreaming this, is that they all came to where they are of their own accord. I didn't force the book on Philip, the c.d. on Tyler or the movie on Evan. They just all 3 simultaneously decided the would each go their own ways and do their own things. And for just this moment, life is pretty damn good. ;) This is such a rare occurrence, I am just overwhelmed. LOL.
So, life has been slow here. We have been labeling cups every morning, making sure nobody shares anyone elses. Washing sheets, and dishes more than once. And visiting the Chiropractor. And reading LOTS. And also watching lots of movies. Wait, did I say slow? Hehe. I meant to say it's been different. Usually we are in a rush to get from point A to point B, and so on. These days I only rush to make sure no cups are being used by anyone other than the original user and that Philip is not being jumped on by his raucous siblings. (images of ruptured spleens get me moving quite fast!) Ahhh, and here is the normal bickering I'm used to hearing. I think the reading time is over. Now there are whining complaints about who put whose light sabre where, and if we're allowed to choose our own characters in our star wars play, or do we have to be who someone else says we have to be. Ugh. A funny thing I wanted to share. My kitchen table is an utter mess, but it's not one I'm cleaning up any time soon. There are remnants of our Patriotic Symbols lap-book, 3 artists kits, scissors, and a bunch of books about the Revolutionary War. It actually appears that there are some people learning in this house. And the crazy part is, they ARE! Philip is so interested in the War, that when I kept getting interrupted from reading to him the other day, he finished reading a Magic Tree House book on his own, though he would swear to you that he's too big for those books now and no longer interested, LOL. Oh, by the way, he is feeling MUCH better. He got out of bed on Thursday morning, got dressed, and has been improving since then. He is still coughing and tired, but he's also tattling on his little brothers and normal things like that again. Thank goodness, because I was really very worried for a bit there. Tyler is still coughing, but no fever and no other sings. Evan has some incredibly chapped lips, but besides that, he's good also.
As for me, I have been trying to avoid some childhood *stuff* that has recently been confirmed. You know how you remember things and sometimes you have a totally different perspective from anyone else that was there? Well, in the last year, I have uncovered some *stuff* during my hypnotherapy sessions. And it's been as good as confirmed as it will ever be, by someone else in my family having some memories that validate my own. It was nicer when I could imagine that the hypnotherapy is bogus bologna and of course what I remember there may not be accurate. Ha!! Oh it's accurate, and it's some serious *stuff*. So, between the memories being confirmed and my appointment with my beloved therapist whom I haven't seen since before the move, I decided to bury myself in ghost/horror/movies/books. (don't worry, i am going tomorrow, so not much longer!) I am in the middle of reading Stephen King's IT and on Wednesday I got to go to a Horror Movie Slumber Party at my friend Lynn's house. Pretty funny, a bunch of us are on a "natural minded parenting" list serve, and some of them are on a raw food detox, so we all get together and ate raw chocolate pudding (yum!!!) and enjoyed (or tried to enjoy over some overly-talkative attendees, hehe) watching Blair Witch Trials, and Rob Zombie's House of a Thousand Corpses. I can't even tell you what happened in the first one cause of the talking, but the second one I'll tell you not to ever see. It was really gross. And not so much scary as just plain gross and making me wonder who could have thought this stuff up?? I have decided in the past few weeks that what really gets me are ghost stories, especially if they are "based on actual events." I've been watching Ghost Hunters and getting myself some grand adrenaline rushes while running from my bed to the bathroom in the middle of the night, haha! Tonight I drive to Columbia for my my appointment in the morning. Neat how it just coincidentally happens to be the night of a BlessingWay of a dear friend. I'm off to the bead store to pick the perfect bead for her now. That's if I can tear the kids away from playing Star Wars for a few minutes. Hoping all is well with you and yours lovely readers!


Lynn said...

ha you love i all. scary stuff rocks.

jacob is also reading captain underpants, as we speak :-)

Jenny said...

Glad Philip is feeling better, poor guy. Hope you have a good trip and can have a productive session with your therapist, too. (((hugs)))