Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Hunky Dunky Happy Post

I recently joined a Yahoo list serve and the very first posts I read were entitled "Recitation of Glee." They were posts much like the one you're reading. Though in my negative haze I've been caught up in lately, it seemed a little over the top...almost contrived or airy fairy or just not real. However, I've decided to give it a go. Enjoy, and maybe it will inspire you to do the same! If so, I look forward to reading! Here goes! I find my Joy in: The sound of my boys breathing sleepily beside me after story time; that has always been like heaven to me. Burying my head against my husband's chest in a warm and perfect hug that just feels like home. Hugs in general. Seeing the water as we drive over bridges and knowing we LIVE in this town, it's not just a vacation anymore. The complete and utter delight my children get when I say YES to more cookies, candy and soda. Or anything else they couldn't have had previously. Listening to Little House series C.D.s or Harry Potter when we're driving; more than that, the boys ASKING me to play the C.D.'s! When I figure out that my guess was correct and I AM driving in the right direction to get where I'm going! Having Internet access and this space to Blog and share everything I'm going through, knowing that when I read it later I will be SO glad I wrote it all out! The smell and feel of my children when they are close to me. Noticing the growth spurt the Curly Willow has had since we planted it with Evan's placenta. Watching all of the seedlings grow, and caring for the plants in the garden. Wrestling with the boys on the bed. And even better, when Ed unexpectedly joins us. The excitement the boys have had about watching football with Ed since they've gotten into playing Madden 05 on the PS2. The joy that lights Ed's face when the boys ask him to play Madden games with them! Philip telling me how he pulls Evan on the bed with him in the morning for cuddles sometimes. I didn't know that! How sweet! Seeing Tyler's eyes light up with pure joy at being able to read...he comes to me every night now with Farmer Boy, ready to read it himself. His pure determination is inspiring. Seeing the light back in Ed's eyes since we've been in this town. Watching him building things in the garage and taking care of the home maintenance and preparing to go fishing. Sitting with Ed and watching the boys at the beach. Watching Philip in the ocean. He goes into the water the moment we arrive and stays in until the last moment possible before we leave. The feeling I get when I swim out to join him and we both know nobody else can reach us and it is just the two of us for just a few minutes. He rolls and jumps with the waves and it looks like he is purely contented in the water. Seeing the excitement in Ed's eyes for me and how excited I was to get a part in the play I'm in. Being able to be with the theatre group and getting all the jokes and feeling like a part of an ensemble and just overflowing with giggles and laughter as we work through the funny parts of the script. Whenever Philip gets a joke, or understands something new. The joy Philip gets from telling jokes is cool too! Watching the boys work together to help get each other to the next level in Harry Potter and Madden PS2 video games. Catching Philip reading to his little brothers when we are at the library. Watching Evan flip from being distraught to overjoyed that one of his brothers or I will FINALLY play with him after he's been waiting a total of 30 seconds. ;) Watching the boys dressing up as and pretending to be whichever character they are into each day. Seeing how happy the boys are when they get to play with friends. The Fall weather and excitement that comes with this season. We love wearing jeans and long sleeves and watching the leaves changing! And the pumpkin patches, hay rides, hot dog roasts and S'mores! Remembering all the places we've been and friends we've had during the month of October for the passed 9 years. We started in Simpsonville with Baby Philip and the Playgroup that formed from attachment Mom's in Le Leche League, with new ideas and radical changes. Remembering the first time I wore Philip in a sling and then suddenly he was a big brother! Then onto Inman with new friends and new traditions (remember Apple Crisps and playgroups at my house??) and my fatback Baby Tyler, who really was just not comfortable in a sling at all! Finally to Columbia, which we dreaded (can you imagine?!) but became the most attached to the friends there, with more play dates and traditions for all seasons, more new foods than ever, and Baby Evan. And here we are. The first move we've made w/out a new baby! And we've found new friends, have plans for NEW Halloween traditions, have a beautiful NEW house that sparkles when it's clean, and everything is fresh and crisp and ready to be discovered! And lastly, being able to truly enjoy everything that is New, knowing that what came before now, the friends, the places, the experiences and lessons, will never be forgotten and will always remain in my heart....and in my cell phone contact list, e-mail, etc. :) And, knowing that I have a wonderful, hardworking, incredibly supportive, patient husband who has already warmed up my side of the bed to go climb in next to when I'm done with this joy-inspiring blog entry! Husband and children: Thank You for being my family and loving me and letting me love you. Friends: Whether near or far, Internet or In-Real-Life, thank you for being whoever you are and wherever you have been that let us be who we are to each other. I love you.
Gadzoops Wetherby! This whole Recitation of Glee idea really works! I feel good!
I could go on and on...but I've got MORE joy to go drink up...really, there's this really good juice in my fridge and then..and plus...and don't forget....

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Hannah said...

Wow, Trace, it's infectious! Who could not feel happy after reading such a post!?
BTW, love the photo of you battling with light-sabers!