Tuesday, October 14, 2008

This Kid Rocks!

So, enthusiastic person that I am, I often jump up and volunteer for things that I'm not quite sure I can do. Well, I'm sure I CAN do them, I'm just not always sure I know exactly how to, or in this case, remember how. LOL. It's been a few years since I've sewn anything on a machine. Mine is currently resting in my bedroom closet, recuperating from being oiled with EVOO. Please tell me that made your day, please. :) The bobbin case is also broken. I don't seem to have luck with bobbins. So, I'm working on sewing some hems on some costume pieces for the show. The show, which by the way, is MEANT to make you feel very uncomfortable and will almost certainly have a naked man prancing by your seat . So, if you are not comfortable with ALMOST full frontal nudity, this is your warning. I'm certainly not, but I'll talk more about that later. I'm using someone else's machine, which I was just SURE I could figure out. Mmm-umm. (That would be shaking head from side to side, not up and down.) So, I call my mother-in-law. She is just as sure as I was at first that I can figure this out, and what can she do over the phone? Thanks anyway. I call my Director, who is the owner of said sewing machine. No answer. And do I really want to bother her again, when I feel like all I've done is ask a million and one questions about how to do a job I should already know how to do? Nope, I do not. So, at the wonderful suggestion of my mother in law, I begin to search for instructions on line. Here is where I found them:

I didn't even have to play it twice! I got my bobbin loaded and I am a happy, independent seamstress now. At least until I have to return this machine. So, I just wanted to say thanks to the kid who made this video. I couldn't have done it w/out you!


Jenny said...

Extra-virgin olive oil? Hee hee...trying not to laugh...

Great idea searching online for a tutorial. Glad you're up & running again! :)

Hannah said...

Yes, that made my day. :-)

Glad to know I'm not the only one with a checkered history with my (very old) sewing machine. Hurray for Google!