Thursday, March 26, 2009

New Phone and Cute Kids

I went looking for a new plan for our phones today and found out I was "eligible" to get an upgrade on my cell phone! This is a very good thing, since my 1 key wasn't working anymore, and my 4 key was on the way out. I got a new Samsung HighNote for only twenty bucks (2 year contract, yaddi yaddi ya, Sprint has never let me down!). I LOVE it. I haven't even tried out the music or tv yet, but I have been able to post on FaceBook with it. It's a little slower connection than I'm used to, but it's NEW and it was a great deal and Ed finally has a Charleston area code and a personal phone line too. I feel guilty for having something so nice when we're supposed to be in the midst of a recession, but we did cancel cable t.v. and I am using mega coupons. I have always wanted to volunteer, and did often before I had kids. I guess I will get back into something so I don't have to feel bad for what I have. And now for something cute and gushy about my youngest child. The other morning we were snuggling together before climbing out of bed to start the day. I had gone out to a MNO (mom's night out) the previous night, so I didn't know what he'd been up to. Me: What'd you do last night? Evan: You mean the one behind this day? :) Later, Evan: My favorite letter is H and my favorite shape is a triangle. There are SO many cute things I never wrote down about my kids, so I trying to do it now whenever I remember. Last night I scrolled through Facebook and realized I've been posting there since June of 2007. Not many cute things there about my kids. And they ARE very cute and say and do things on a daily basis that I really get a kick out of. Maybe I could do a 365 cute things my kids say blog? :)

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Hannah said...

Neat idea! Your boys would LOVE reading it some day!

Sigh, you are reminding me that I really, really need to get a new phone. Somehow that never works its way to the top of the to-do list!

Now you can sort of Twitter. :-)